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Runaway Boy [Dadvid]

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Camp Campbell shuts down for the end of summer, which means it's time for the campers to go home. Max however had different plans. He would rather die than go back to that hellhole house where his parents had no care for him. He chose to run away, but who knew the consequences he would face for escaping his neglectful household?

- Mentions of SA
- Violence
- Blood
- Abuse
- Smoking
- Language

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Just a bunch of one-shots. Mainly fluff, some occasional angst. I'm not gonna do smut. I will take requests/prompts.


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List of Max and Neil one-shots, we have Fluff 🌸 Angst πŸ’” Bittersweet 🌦 Headcannons 🧠 Requests are Open πŸ“‚


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"What the hell? Can't you drive properly huh? See you scratched my favourite car now what are you go.......Oh my goodness!" I came outside my car and started shouting on the person of the other car but whispered the last part seeing him. "Why did you stopped suddenly please continue I want to hear what more you have to say?" that handsome man said while shoving both of his hands in his pant pocket and leaned a little to make eye contact with me. "You bumped your car into me and see this big scratch on my car but don't worry I will not say anything to you just apologise to me" I said with a smirk as he was the one who was at fault so he should apologise. "WHAT? Why will I apologise to you when you are the one who drove wrong way but I am very generous so I forgave you now please move your car from my way as I am getting late for my office" that handsome man told me but me being me I didn't move a bit from my place. "Who are you to tell me about the rules huh? Are you a police officer? No! So apologise to me and I will be very glad to move out of your way" I said with a proud smile. "See Miss ladaku I have a very important meeting so please move out of my way and I am not gonna say sorry" he told me. "You!! Did you just called me ladaku? I am no......SIR" I was saying but got interrupted by a police officer who was standing in attention position while his hands were in salute gesture. ******* Arohi Sharma- She is beautiful, bubbly and a soft hearted girl. She is a doctor by profession and loves her family the most. She believes in true love and know that exists whenever she sees her parents. Reyansh Singhania- He is handsome, Kind and loves his family and job but he is short tempered. He is an IPS officer. He is single and it's not like that he doesn't believes in love but he has not found the one for him yet. What happens when they both will cross each other's path? Book 2: Destiny Series (Stand alone book)


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IB your.hostt on tiktok Max is trans and gay but is having a hard time accepting himself, him changing, and his feeling for someone that are growing stronger every day. Following hcs include (SPOILER) Alive Jasper/Counselor Jasper Bi!Harrison and Neil Non binary!Space kid Trans and Gay!Max MaxNeil Nerris x Nikki Preston x Harrison? Space kid is everyone's little sibling(not biologically but they still protect them like they are) This is going to be pretty long


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I didn't know what to name this .-. Anywaysss This is a series of my OC's and Gregory at school. It's more content of my 'I hate bunnies' book People liked the idea of this so here it is! :D


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It was nearing the end of Summer, meaning all the other campers and Max were going home. On the last day, David noticed Max acting differently than he usually does, but he brushes it off, and all the campers go home. Until a turn of events happen.


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Probably Self-Loathing/Self-harm/suicidal thoughts and/or actions(I'm not sure yet) Child Neglect, Child Abuse...So TW cus this is some Angsty sheet! ;-; Dadvid is definitely included's NOT Maxvid bcuz no. (no Ships because ya know they are all like 9-13 and Writing about kids dating or whatever isn't really my thing) OKAY ON TO THE STORY (I apologize in advance if it's not that great..I don't really have a plan for it I'm just bored and I want to write something lmao)


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NOT MAXVID I DONT SHIP ADULTS WITH TEN YEAR OLDS. When David goes to adopt a kid, the last person he expects to see is Max. But of course when he sees HIS camper stuck in the group home, he has to take Max with him back to a place for you and me. Camp Campbell. Disclaimer: I don't own camp camp, obviously. All I own is the story. Warning, this story is completely self indulgent, I wrote it because no one had written the story I wanted to read. If you want to make me a cover that would be fabulous, I don't have the app to do that, so I'm just using what I can find.


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David had been worried about max for a while, after the parents day incident he came to realize that max's parents really didn't care. No wonder max was such a downer all the time, but what if David took that all away? Could he really help max the way he needed to? Maybe he could... WARNING: strong language and some abuse included.


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These moments are not going to be from the show. I am simply making them up. Just as the title says. I hope you enjoy! Feedback and suggestions are very welcome.