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Update schedule Monday Wednesday Friday Warning ❗❗❗ This novel is about BL, intersex , male pregnancy. Author(s) 楼不危 Artist(s) N/A Year 2019 Status in COO 141 Chapters + 9 Extras (Complete) English Translation 282 Chapters + 18 Extras (Complete) This story is not mine!!!!! All credit to original writer & english translator .


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DISCONTINUED!! Bloodshed has happened, ever since her birth. No one could stop her. A mass murderer. The Clans have been in fear for moons. ~~ Rainkit was born a mistake from the beginning. Taunted for the fate she was born into, she struggles. Her mind twisted and shredded beneath the darkness arising in BirchClan. Yet her determination pushes her on, And into the wrong path. • - • - • previously #1 in warriorcats 1k reads 12/6/19 5k reads 8/10/19 10k reads 18/2/20 ~ Winner of The Bee Awards - Warriors Genre ~


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"Funny, ever since we were young there was a clear difference in ability, you were powerful and talented whilst I was weak and timid and now look at us today standing opposite each other, this will be the final battle, now come Mordred!" Aether Viato Pendragon and Mordred Pendragon are both children of the famous Lion King otherwise known as Artoria Pendragon. The two of them are mainly seen spending most of their day in Solitary Confinement because they cause destruction everywhere they go. Their existence was known only by the Yokai Faction and the Shinto Religion and those who lived around them, that was until one day a group of fallen angels attacked and their participation in repelling their forces caused the whole of the supernatural to be aware of them. This is Aether and Mordred's journey throughout the supernatural world as they discover the truths of this world


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Calculus. Worst class in history. Little does Julie know her day is about to change from bad to worse when someone a little too close to home comes storming in with a gun.


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Requests open! Bakudeku and different Au's! Will be updating when I get inspiration. All Bakudeku and maybe some Todobakudeku. (All artwork is not mine)


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Caroline Underhill is able to see ghosts. She even exercises ghosts from time to time. Then someone starts targeting her. Will she make it out alive? Or get in even deeper crap?


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As if the Pokémon world wasn't strange enough, Hoenn Champion (Y/N) finds herself transported to the magical world of Twisted Wonderland. Though she doesn't have magic, she does have an entourage of powerful Pokémon to back her up. Unbeknownst to her colorful new friends, she carries a dark past that makes it easier for her to connect to others, and starts to gain a lot of romantic attention.