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In which a boy and a girl throw daggers at each other with their death glares and snarky mouths every time they come across each other, which was basically all the time. To say the least, they were rivals.

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(Book Two) At the age of ten, 'Eden-Rose' is now a world renowned name. Watch as she juggles between her growing fame and her personnel life. Dance Moms: Season 3 (incomplete)


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They were once rivals that just cannot stand the mere presence of one another. But now that the tables have turned and miracles happened, rivals seemed to morph into something greater; rivals turned into lovers. But let's say that this is just the beginning of it all. [BOOK 2 of "Rivals + Sean Lew"]


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Soulmates, sunflowers, hot air balloons, ballet, wildfire and music. ----- EXCERPT: "Why do you always call me sunflower?" She looks as though she's desperate for the answer, staring into my soul with so much sincerity in her words. I smile to myself, knowing exactly why. "Why do you have the sunflower tattoo darling?" I answer with another question which she doesn't seem too pleased about. "No, Harry you can't do that. I asked first." She sulks, smoothing her hands down my shirt and I can't help but chuckle slightly at her frustration. "I know, I know. Just answer the question Evie." I try to reassure her without giving too much away. She huffs with the roll of her eyes but gives in none the less. "Because of my first dance recital. Sunflowers are a happy memory for me." She explains, and I can see her trying to piece the puzzle together in those ocean eyes of hers. I bite my lip, hesitating a moment and thinking of the perfect way to say this. "I call you sunflower Evie because you are all my happiest memories." ----- The story based off of the TikTok POV by @stopmaddiedancing ----- Highest Rankings: 1 in #Onedirection 1 in #One 1 in #Direction 1 in #Niall 1 in #Literature


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in which sean has 30 days to get a girl to fall in love with him. completed • july 19 2017


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Atlas Grove, once a dancer with dreams of dancing under the stars, now lives petrified in the shadows of abuse. To escape her living nightmare she must keep her head down and work hard, being her senior year this is her last chance to get out. Although things don't always go to plan as she comes to lean when the brooding Blaze Beckett storms into her life, bringing more mystery and turmoil than she wished for. Blaze Beckett is the most popular guy at East Meadow High, but no one really knows who he is. The school's star Quarterback is also the school's star mystery, left marked by his past his obnoxiousness walks the halls with dominating power. Underneath the hard demeanour lies a world of pain, constantly looking over his shoulder waiting for his past to catch up and tear everything from him. Fights and Football are his thing. Bruises and Ballet are hers. When the polar opposites are paired together on a wellbeing project, could they find they have more in common than they think? Both conceal emotions that are only freed when on the field or standing at the barre but when they start bringing each other's shadows to the surface, will it be too much to balance? *Contains mature language and themes some may find distressing


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what would you do if you knew the exact moment you were going to meet your soulmate? completed • february 19 2018


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*Ophelia June Clarke* She was soft, sweet and nice. Her mother sheltered her from the world while the rest of her siblings got to venture out. *King Zeus* He was the great ruler of the skies and western land. He had led his people to prosperity. He had led his people through victories. Now after nearly 200 years without a soulmate he wanted to be done. Little did he know his last soulmate ball would be his greatest.


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❃ The Rich Man and His Fire Dancer ❃ "Dance for me like the bad girl you are, Nyra." Angelo circled me, stopping in front of me and looking up and down the belly dancing outfit I had on. No man has ever been this up close to me. They were forbidden. I wanted to push him away but I enjoyed the sinful sensation of his presence near mine. It made my core drip with desire. "I dance with fire, Mr Santis, you wouldn't want to get burned." Angelo chuckled darkly, the back of his fingers stroking up the curve of my side before wrapping his hand around my back, pulling me close to his face. His minty breath fanned my face and goosebumps pricked at my skin. "Aww, bambola, you have no idea how much I am burning to have you withering under me," He whispered against my neck, lightly brushing his cushioned lips against my pulse. ❃ Angelo De Santis, the most handsome young and rich bachelor with women that surround and fall to their knees to plead like angels,begging to spend a night with him. Flirt, charmer, hypnotist. These are his traits yet one woman doesn't fall for them and he wants her. Nyra Marianacci, a beautiful woman hidden in the darkest club of Manhattan. Not a stripper. Not a ballerina yet she has obtained both qualities. Innocent yet sinful. She picks at her victims, injecting her venomous poison of temptation and feeds off of the men's desire to have her, but there's a catch. They can't. They can only see her from afar. Touching her is forbidden. When these two collide at a celebration of Angelo De Santis's victory at the club, will he indulge in her temptation or will she bend the rules to dance to his tunes?