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Rivalry Wars [COMPLETED]

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Once again, the two popular rivals namely, the most fearsome badboy, Halilintar- as well as the smartest and well-known alchemist, Solar of Stanford High are back!

They may be rivals before but now, they'd finally got along after for almost ten years of debating from whom in between, is the most famous one among them.

But then, new students came, in which not only their popularity level has dropped, but also their friends' as they took over what they have. That's when they realized, they have- not one but, three rivals to deal with.

Thus, the rivalry wars between them, begins.

>> Sequel of "Similar Popularities, Different Personalities" <<

[BBB Halilintar & BBB Solar (School AU)]

{Disclaimer: I do NOT own any of the characters here. They belong to Monsta. I only own the plot of the story. ^^}

||Artwork by: @melllonn_art and credits for the owner for the other drawing||
||Book Cover created by: Me UwU||
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Two popular students of Stanford High School namely, Halilintar- the bad boy and the most fearsome student in school- and Solar- the smartest and well-known alchemist in school. Both are very popular however, they have different personalities. They are rivals with one another and will do anything to become the most famous and popular student in Stanford High. But, will this rivalry between them continue? [BBB Halilintar & BBB Solar (School AU)] {Disclaimer: I do NOT own any of the characters here. They belong to Monsta. I only own the plot of the story. ^^} ||Artwork belongs to: @ariieya_senpie|| ||Book Cover created by: Me UwU||


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