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Rick and Morty One-Shots

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Rick X Reader
Morty X Reader
Evil Morty X Reader
Evil Morty X Reader X Morty
Evil Rick X Reader
Evil Rick X Reader X Evil Morty
Rick X Reader X Morty
Greaser Morty X Reader
Other Dimensional Mortys X Reader
Other Dimensional Ricks X Reader

Started: 9/19/17
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mostly daryl dixon one-shots & series. a few fics for mr. ricky dicky doo da grimes thrown in there too. requests are: open much more active on tumblr: weretheones


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Rick/Morty X OC One Shots!!!! Give requests for what Rick ya want! And I also can do Mortys! All except Miami Morty and Rick and stuff.


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Morty is tired of Rick's selfish adventures. After he gets seriously injured in yet another, he spirals into a serious depression and begins cutting, and Rick finds out. ///_________________________|||_________________________\\\ TW: Suicidal Thoughts/ Suicide Attempt, Self Harm, Underaged Drinking, Gore - Do not read if these things bother you! ///_________________________|||_________________________\\\ Originated on Archive of Our Own/AO3 // Created by Myself. ///_________________________|||_________________________\\\ This story does NOT include C137cest/Smut! ///_________________________|||_________________________\\\ Highest Awards 🏆: morty - #2 starvation - #2 rickandmorty- #3 ricksanchez - #3 panicattacks - #5 mortysmith - #18 loneliness - #17


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(Y/N) a girl with a dark past and not much to live for stumbles across a boy who introduces her to his grandfather and life soon becomes more interesting. (Smut / lemon included)