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Real Love

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Paul can’t remember anything from his past, so John explains it to him through reading the story of their life together.
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TRIGGER WARNING: contains drug/alcohol use and NSFW content. Inspired by the movie, "Two of Us" ====================================== "You don't look different, but you have changed. I'm looking through you; you're not the same." The year is 1976 and the Beatles were a legendary band of the past. Old news, even. A distant memory that, at one point in time, took the world by storm. But that was years and years ago... Since, the band has gone through a pretty bitter break up. Though, memories don't fade away so easy. Paul McCartney knew that better than anyone else. Paul notices himself thinking back on old times more often than ever before. Dwelling on the unresolved problems between himself and the others... Well, the problems he has with one person in particular. John Lennon. Paul wants to repair the apparent issues left behind him with his ex-partner... his ex-lover, and it's no secret to anybody in his "new" life. One day, even his wife Linda suggests to Paul that he should go and visit the lad in New York City. So? What else is he to do? The rest of this story lies between these pages. ====================================== - Completed - Ranked #1 in the Mclennon tag and #1 in Starrison - Pretty Angsty


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A collection of chapters following Daddy John and his work in progress little boy, Ritchie. 🚫!!!!!NONSEXUAL!!!🚫


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Paul thought he was ugly, worthless, and fat. John thought he was a prince This fic doesn't support eating disorders Adult Helpline: 0808 801 0677 Studentline: 0808 801 0811 Youthline: 0808 801 0711


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When John Lennon invites a certain Paul McCartney into his band, he just can't seem to keep his eyes off the ebony-haired lad. But who could blame him? With beautiful eyes, flawless skin, soft hair, and a sweet personality, Paul's damn near perfect. And John can't help but feel an overwhelming urge to make that boy his. But after Paul's father sends him to a boarding school in Germany, their lives take an unexpected turn. What lies between these pages is a story of friendship, betrayal, heartbreak, and of course, love TW: alcohol and drug use, cursing, and eventually smut. ~SOME STUFF ISN'T HISTORICALLY ACCURATE~ Enjoy <3


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In 1964, two Liverpool lads are both on top of the world, and feeling the weight of it on their shoulders. Paul McCartney and John Lennon are half of the band The Beatles that is taking the World by storm, yet when they discover they are both undoubtedly attracted to each other, things seem to become more complicated. With homosexuality despised and hidden away, Paul faces the fight between what he knows is right, and what he knows he should do. "How could something feel so right, yet so wrong at the same time?"


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one shots of the golden Bois. Love them. (Smut)


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Just some oneshots about the boys! Quite long and detailed too:) -The Beatles -Queen -BoRhap Boys Enjoy❤️


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Isabella Romano, lost her mother at the age of ten, in a large family where nobody cares, has low grades and bad behavior, yet she tries to make the most of it. What happens when her normal teenage life gets interrupted by her father saying that he is getting remarried? Does it have to do with her mothers secret diary? And can a love interest make her forget about the traumatic memories and just be herself? New friends, new school, new brothers, new life? Or maybe just the highway to hell. TRIGGER WARNING: Traumatizing flashbacks Strong Vocabulary Mental health issues Scenes of violence Book is currently being rewritten into a trilogy so have patience 🤟 Cover by: @GallagherGirl558


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John didn't move for a good minute or two. Then he set down his guitar and stood up. He walked over and sat down on the edge of Paul's bed and cupped the younger boy's face in his hands. "Paulie, listen to me. I'm in love with you. You. You, and no one else. I will never love someone the way I love you. Nor will I love someone to such intensity. I love you. I love you. I love you." Paul smiled. Because it was exactly what he needed to hear to put his brain at ease. "I know....I love you, too."