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RagLak - A Revengeful Love {S2 cancelled}

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Inspired by the ff I will destroy her requested by RaginiMia
May be you like?


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A Ragini story.......completely focusing on her.......her pain......her life......her fight for life..... It's going to be a short story......hope you guys like it..... It would be the continuation of Swaragini where Ragini's truth was out.......and she was thrown out from MM


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#Highest Rank 5th RagLak, 1st in RagYa on 21st June 2020 4th in RagLak on 13th June 2020 Serial Track! RagLak first engagement with twists! Cover credits: Dharun1301


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What happens when destiny plays games of Love and brings 2 strangers together in the form of arranged marriage? Will Cupid help them find Love? Would you believe if i say that the 2 people who keep on fighting over every silly reason are destined to Love? How will their Fights turn into Love? Meet Manik Malhotra - the practical one, Laksh Malhotra - the naughty one, Nandini kapoor - the dreamy one and Ragini kapoor - the toofan Its a story about how these 4 individuals became MaNan and RagLak. Join the game of love and get answers to these questions. Peep into the story once and fall in love with each of the character and the pure emotion of Love..... A Story where every character has a significant role to play..... A Story where each of them share equally beautiful Bond......


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swasan ts... I am changing it to FS.. I hope u will like it


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This story is Sr track but its abt the betrayness of laksh... how badly laksh used to play in ragini life nd swara creating problems inbetween raglak...


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Its an raglak Ts in Sr track


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Man : hello my beautiful wife, what did he thought, that if he threaten me then i will get scared and won't come here.. Girl : if you wannna to kill me, then kill me in once, what do you wanna prove by doing this to me.. Man : kill you in once..? No my baby, not this easily, i will kill you daily again and again, i will give you that much pain that you will beg for dying, but i won't kill you then even..