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A blind Panther-hybrid in war. When people see her, all they think is "Some blind,weak,useless cat ? What will she do ?" Let me tell you. A lot of things. And if you think that you can win, or that you can underestimate her. You are wrong. She lost her sight. But she doesn't need it. She never did. She hears everything that breathes. Claws pitch black like coal and sharp as a sword. Long white fangs that could bite through steel. But what's the most strangest and interesting thing about this panther. Is that she has connection to element earth and air. In this story Catra will maybe find her love, (Y/n) will learn how to say 'please' and unites people into one team and maybe along their way they will save the planet too. I bet No one expected at least 2 points -------------------------- Basically an avatar crossover lol I started this book because I was bored and thought about making a book for a longer time. I see that there are not a lot of Catra x reader books so I decided to make one. I am doing this mostly for my entertainment and love for the show. This is a Fem!reader but feel free to change the pronounce in your head or by an app ! Any comment is appreciated and welcomed ! This story is a little bit crossover with avatar, but you don't need to watch it to understand what is going on. In this story will be gore,cursing and maybe some smut. Again I don't own She-ra. I own only this story and my plot. Any information about (Y/n) belongs to you ! I will update whenever I will have time, I have my own life too. Thank your for reading this and have fun time reading the book. The cover belongs to me, please don't steal my shitty art. Thank you. Also The cover is somehow I imagine the panther to be however you can decide what you want to look, this is just what's the best look for me to describe in this story.


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RATED SPG ( Poly ) 🚫 READ AT YOUR OWN RISK 🚫 She's sixteen years old when she give her herself to the man she met at the party. Inilihim niya ang tunay na edad sa lalaki. Saan hahantong ang pagmamahal ng dalaga rito kung ito na mismo ang kusang lumayo. Did she just moved on dahil bata pa naman siya o mananatili siyang mamahalin ang lalaki? Paano kung dalawang lalaki ang iibigin niya, handa kaya iyong tanggapin ng kanyang ina?


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❝ suddenly i'm drowning in the things i never told you.❞ ✵ A story where a seventeen year old girl moves into a new town to try and escape her tragic past, only to be presented with yet another tragic beginning. Thalia Lively goes through grief, heartbreak, sadness but also finds happiness, love, and family. Things she thought she had lost forever; things she thought she didn't deserve to have again. When she gets a fresh start, she's left with two options; continue to push everyone away or she can put herself at risk once more and take a leap at being vulnerable, just to find what she had once lost. Little does she know that the small town was about way more than a simple getaway. She refuses to see that she can't escape reality, however, the past never truly stays in the past. Her life will be put at risk and the only thing that will get her out alive is through loyalty, honesty and love. ✵ | Featured 09.19.17 | © 2018 @peachytess All rights reserved.


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"My dad sold me to a pack of werewolves to settle his gambling debt." ❀ "I'm going to count to three," Logan growls. He doesn't have to say the rest. If I haven't come to him by then, he'll come to me... and I'll regret it. I know this game, and I know there is only one way it can end: with broken bones. If I don't come to him, his wolf will take over and he'll make me pay. If I obey, his wolf will still take over, and I'll still be the one suffering the consequences. "One," Logan snaps. A tear slowly rolls down my cheek and I dig my nails into my palm until they draw blood. More tears join the first and my lower lip trembles. I want Logan to see how much he's hurting me. "Two," Logan counts, gesturing for me to come to him. I know that he's filled with anticipation. He's hoping for 'three,' craving it. ❀ Three Books in One: Sold to a Wolf Pack | ✔ Saved by a Wolf Pack | ✔ Loved by a Wolf Pack | Ongoing ❀ A fake Omega: Saffron is a rogue, but when her dad sells her to a pack of werewolves, she also has to pretend to be an Omega. Good thing she has a plan: to escape the first chance she gets. A not so mean Alpha: Logan just wants to find his mate and his happily ever after, but instead of the perfect Luna, he gets a weak, frightened Omega. Good thing his dad has a plan: make everyone in the pack mistreat Saffron so she'll finally stand up for herself. An epic romance: Saffron and Logan are meant to be, but will they realize it before it's too late? Not everything is as it seems, and with an enemy threatening to destroy the pack, time is running out. ❀ 167,102 words ❀ Has been ranked #1 in: Werewolf, Paranormal, Romance, Teen Fiction, Humor, Fantasy, General Fiction, Action and even Vampire!


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Art i make or find. All cosplays are done by me and/or my friends


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An old friend of Fez's comes to town.


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Okay, hear me out. I just felt like making another story. Anyway, moving on. When the avengers are suddenly transported to a theater where they watch clips of themselves in the past and future, the only way to keep the clips from becoming true is to watch every single one, and change the outcome. Enjoy:) Updates: Every Wednesday:) Yes, Nat and Steve are dating Bc I'm obsessed with Romanogers! Also their will be a lot of Nat clips bc she's my fav avenger and Yelena will also be in this.


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─────── ♡ ─────── ꒰ㅤʚĭɞㅤ۫ ੭ a bitter-sweet tragedyㅤ۪ㅤ♡ ⠀⠀⠀ 楽しい !! ⠀: ⠀𑁍ུ⠀⠀🌷⠀⠀she / her ﹪ ㅤ ㅤ💮 status ; ♥︎⠀on-going ( rewriting ) 𓍊 " i want to shine like the stars " ⊹ ƸӜƷ ⏝꒷꒦꒷⏝꒷꒦꒷⏝꒦꒷⏝꒷꒦꒷⏝꒷꒦⏝


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๛ dying in his previous life; he transmigrated in a different world and possessed the mysterious oldest son of Crosseart Family.As he develops his sibling relationship he also uncovers secrets that was long kept and forgotten. ๛ and along his journey, he got himself involved in a love triangle? "If you can't choose then don't, just have 'em both!" ━Lores ᯓfrom tristan kolwardt to tyrespiel lor crosseart ⚠︎ slow updates, re-writing, on hiatus. © to the owner of the art (cover)