Read Story (Being Rewriten AND ON  HOLD ) Masked Hashira

(Being Rewriten AND ON HOLD ) Masked Hashira

Author: localcrier

Status: Writing

Update: 16-05-2022

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A young boy born into a rather wealthy family but did not accept him. He didn't have the looks that was required by his family.

Having been cast out since birth just because of some looks.

He had a younger sister, she was beautiful and had everything he didn't have. She was loved and cared for. He envied the love and effecting they gave her but still treated her like what a good older brother would.

He was told that he was a vessel for a female spirit who was almost on equal level as the one and only Yoriichi. But she was stripped of her title because of misogynistic men who burned every scroll or book about her after her death.