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Read story Project Reborn

Author: KC-Blares

Category: Fantasy

Update: 14-12-2013

Status: Writing

12916 likes / 289300 reads

(Sequel to Project Blood Moon) Still a freak. Just more of a freak than ever. Not only am I still winged and experimental, I have the craving for blood, can see other's emotions, and can hear my dead friend in my head, claiming that she only wants to help me. Oh, and the two people I hate most in the world are glued to me on our journey from San Fran, California to Pompeii, Italy. Life's just swell.
Kanine, Slash, and the other survivors are back with a message; The three Experiment Facilities can't control them. They've successfully taken down one of the three, the Alcatraz Facility. Or so they believed. When Kanine is haunted by old memories, her life is instantly turned upside down and twisted this way and that, her sanity being unwoven just behind her eyes... Helena's Eyes. (Trailer inside)

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