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starting from preeran's honeymoon💜
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She was as sweet as honey Caring and charming Loving and beautiful Generous and pure She was a beauty who was innocent and not knew about the cruel world......... He was as dark as night Having a dark aura around him Ruthless and Merciless He was a beast who was looking for his culprit to take his revenge but life leads him to someone else ............ Read to find out about their journey of sweet and spicy ❤️❤️❤️🌶 "Don't do .......this ,I request you ,Karan " she said " will regret this " she said to him but he never listened to her Soon he got near her and tore all her clothes she was left with nothing but only a tiny piece of clothing on her private area ,she was trembling ,crying and even pleading the beast to stop But there was something wrong with him he was not in his senses "T..Today I will make you mine ,that friends....of your will .....understand that you are only MINE....." He said slurring a little bit With this he forget the love he had for her he took her mercilessly ,she fought,she cried ,he laughed ,she pleaded ,he made fun of her But her one word made him halt "M...maybe...I shouldn't have loved a .....beast because a beast can only force a can never win her heart .....I HATE YOU Karan Rai Singhania are dead to me " With this the body of beauty gave it way these were the last sentences before she was unconscious This is just a part of the story you will experience more emotions in this story This story is a rollercoaster of emotions Come and Take a Ride •••••••••••••••••••


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When a ruthless mafia forcefully marries an innocent girl...... Will his lust change to love..... Will he care for her ever in life.... The journey begins from the Mumbai- Goa Highway when the innocent girl is troubled by her Scooty and needs a lift... Just if she knew that one lift can change her entire life..... PEEP IN TO KNOW......


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Karan is a CEO of a multinational company and Tejasswi is a college student. The story is about how they met and fell in love


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Dedicated to Halla Bol ❤️ Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundrra decided to do BiggBoss in 2020 and the rest is history. Here's me trying to get the naughty ideas out of me.


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I knew I was playing with fire when we met, so I couldn't blame you when I get burned. . . peep into the story.....


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mature stories of preeta & karan , read in to know more, not recommended for below 18


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Kehte hai sacha pyaar kabhi nahi marta Well that's right ❤️ Presenting a story on karan's death track 😭 But...but many twist and turns on the way 😗 Peep in to know more ....❤️😃


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Hey guys It is a #Munjali Fanfiction , purely based on writer's imagination . I'm trying for the very first time to write any story , I hope y'all like it . Please do share your thoughts whatever your feedback be . STORY DESCRIPTION We all have watched lock upp and We all loved #Munjali 's bond ❤️ . We all watched the Badass Finale together and we know who's the winner and who's the runner up but wait What happened between #Munjali after the Badass Finale ? To find out Read out The full story....


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It is continuation from where Kareena throws preeta out of her house when karan and Preeta were unable to prove sherlyn 's pregnancy. Will preeta forgive Luthra family? Will she move on with her ex boyfriend? Will karan be able to win Preeta's heart ♥️♥️ ? To know more , you need to read the story. So, what are you waiting for 🤔 ? Press read button and read the story ❤️❤️.