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Hello! Everyone i m new here And a big preeran shipper and want your love and support....

Appreciations and criticism both are acceptable...!

Hope you all like my work ... and support me


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Based on Mahira - Karan mehandi track where Preeta is injured and Karan gets to know the truth. ๐Ÿ˜ Will Preeta realise her love for Karan? Will Mahira try to harm Preeta and marry Karan? Will Karan able to know true intentions of Mahira? Peep inside to know... ๐Ÿ˜‰ _________________________________________________ Started - 15th July 2021 Ended - 2nd December 2022 Highest Rankings - #1 - KundaliBhagya #1 - Dheeshra #1 - PKL #1 - Sarya #1 - Preeta #1 - PreetaLuthra #1 - PreetaKaranLuthra #1 - PreetaArora #1 - DheerajDhoopar #1 - Shrishmeer #1 - Rishlyn #2 - ShraddhaArya #2 - TKL #3 - TheKaranLuthra #4 - KDB #7 - DD


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Because he is her's, forever!โค๏ธ Continuing from After Preeta said to Karan that she wants to be a mother. โšก


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It's a story about naira's past and kartik naira's love story with their kids.


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When a ruthless mafia forcefully marries an innocent girl...... Will his lust change to love..... Will he care for her ever in life.... The journey begins from the Mumbai- Goa Highway when the innocent girl is troubled by her Scooty and needs a lift... Just if she knew that one lift can change her entire life..... PEEP IN TO KNOW......


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He married her for inheriting his father's properties She loves him genuinely He doesn't love her he shows 100% hatred towards her while she only shows her true love Will he accept her? โThey say if boys get jealous it's kinda cute. And when girls get jealous world war III is about to start but when Karan Luthra gets jealous, never know when the world war ends.โž--The Karan Luthra. Plagiarism is not allowed. Also Vote if you like it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Peep in to know more.....


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What if Karan proposed Preeta on the day of his wedding with Mahira. What makes Karan change his mind... PEEP IN TO KNOW.......


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Story Start from Preeta second marriage fixed with Daadi wala Bakra,,, How will PreeRaN unite...??? She is innocent,,shy,,,no one knows bold side of her... Even Karan... He is full of heart can do anything for his love.....!!!! Peep in to know moree....!!!!


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Read Preeran OS and TS on Different tracks and random give suggestion for The Track or any short story line๐Ÿ’• cover by one and only wadu ji โค


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mature stories of preeta & karan , read in to know more, not recommended for below 18