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PPGxRRB Oneshots

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Yummy tummy oneshots for everyone πŸ˜€
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The puffs were home alone since there professor went to a science convention or a few days , little did they know a surprise was gonna lead to a spicy game of truth or dare ( may include blossutch, boomercup, butchles or whatever bubbles and butchs ship name is) #2 on boomubles


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Townsville, USA. A normal city with strange problems. Monsters, villains, and even demons try to attack the city and claim it has their own. All are stopped by the Powerpuff Girls. Ever since they were just kids, they've used their powers to protect their city and everyone they love. Now they do so while dealing with Highschool drama. And now, they have a new kid in their school. Though he may not look like much, he hides a secret or two that may spell the end for the Powerpuff Girls.


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π•½π–”π–’π–Šπ–” 𝖆𝖓𝖉 π•΅π–šπ–‘π–Žπ–Šπ–™ ✎Brick X reader (PPGZ) Your freezing body seconds ago is now melting from embarrassment all because of brick's doing. You felt your feet leave the ground as you found yourself being carried in a bridal style. You did a yelp and brick looked at you "Relax, I'm not gonna hurt ya" he said as he carried you back to your room and put you down gently into the chair that is facing your bed By: DevineRoses_


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Powerpuff girls are in high school now and a new kid comes into Townsville but what happens next? Read to find out better description down here. The new kid (Y/N) and his older brother (B/N) have come to Townsville as a new vigilante is on the loose to stop the crimes the girls aren't able to. Are these new people good or bad?


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There are different one shots between the powerpuffs and the rowdyruffs.


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DISCONTINUED-REVAMP BOOK WILL BE PUBLISH SOON Also, unless stated otherwise, all characters are teenagers or adults. Thank you


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Just a bunch of random one-shots about ppgxrrb that pop into my mind. (Big butchercup shipper... you've been warned) If you have a request for a one-shot feel free to pm me or comment. One thing you should keep in mind before reading and/or asking for a certain request: I AM A COLOR CODED SHIPPER! This means only Bubbles x Boomer ; Butch x Buttercup ; Blossom x Brick ; and any other ppg x RRB pairs.


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The title says it all but the powerpuff girls go to their first year in high school but figured out that the rowdy ruff boys go there to. How will the girls 4 years in high school go when the high school turns into a boarding school? Also I ship hard on Bubbles and Boomer.


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This will contain a shit ton of Gorillaz head-canons, imagines, and preferences. Its a repost all of these are posted on my Tumblr @ lucifers-lotus. It will contain smut, probably only Murdoc and Ace though. I will put warnings before things that are triggering of course, and smut. No 2Doc or other character x character here!