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Popular meets Popular [Being edited]

Author: aikexoxi

Status: Full

Update: 22-09-2022

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Belion Carter is your average teenage girl- witty and funny. After a tragedy strikes her family, she moves to California to seek refuge in her Aunt's house along with her mother and siblings. She had only one rule for the year- lay low.

But all that is futile when a scandalous rumor about her and the school's star swimmer, Alec, swirls around the school in less than two weeks.

In between banters and trying to figure out what truly happened that led to the rumor, Belion finds herself drawn to the charms of Alec faster than a moth is drawn to a flame. And Alec starts to find Belion and her ever sarcasm amusing.

Soon feelings start to develop.

But these feelings start to get in the way of lifelong friendships, threatening to let out secrets and pulling dangers in.

Is their love worth it?

Or will they end up burned?


Highest rank
#4 in teen fiction
#12 in romance
#5 in love
#2 in humor


One of the best books I've read !!! Honestly the whole concept of this book to the very last detail was amazing and emotional !!💞 loved every bit of it
- SamXx14

this story is my all-time favorite. It literally took a 180-degree turn in the middle of the book. I was so shocked. I thought I was gonna be that typical book, turns out it wasn't.

- trfffffffnfff

This book was amazing it had drama, and romance and had me on the edge of my seat waiting for what would happened next. Then it had my extremely happy at some points, mad at some points, and sad at other points. But overall this book wasn't like any romance book I've ever read ❤️



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Author Note- Important

ONE - Four peas in a pod is stupid (EDITED)

TWO - It's not my fault their hearts get broken in the process (Edited)

THREE - I don't go to parties

FOUR - Never have I ever

FIVE - My name is Belion

SIX - Alec and I?

SEVEN - Unless your name is Jeff, I don't think so

EIGHT - What? Like the kissing booth?

NINE - Yes, and the water tried to kill me

Valerie's pov- Anyone, but Alec would be great for Val.

ELEVEN - We meet again, Belion.

TWELVE- That's what they always say until we see a wedding invitation

ALEC 'S Pov- My teeth aren't girls.

FOURTEEN - Like a date?

FIFTEEN- Hey stranger

sixteen- We'd save it for the second date

Seventeen- The more, the merrier

Eighteen- Not just any cat, a sexy cat.

Nineteen- Cows boobies are gross. Real boobies are sexy

TWENTY- we fell out of love

TWENTY ONE- Hey girlfriend

Alec's Pov- Love is a business

Twenty Three- You need real relationship advice.

Twenty Four- Actions speak louder than words, baby

Twenty-five - why don't you just test her.

Twenty six- we throw a party

Twenty seven- A game of truth or dare

Valerie's Pov - me or her

Twenty nine- most people say i'm out of this word

Alec's POV- I hate you but i love popeyes biscuits more

Thirty one- you have cancer?

Thirty two- i don't want to die

Thirty three- let the game begin

Thirty four- You really need to know your place, Belion

Thirty five - Thank you, I've been told i'm very comedic

Thirty six- i have psychic powers

Thirty seven- There are other ways to win the game without playing.

Thirty eight- it's what we do that matters

Thirty nine- i think we should break up

Fourty- How could he pull a Joe Jonas on you?

Alec's Pov- I'm not a business, I'm your grandson

Fourty two- Transform into a bad b*tch.

Fourty three- He's cute. I'm single. Why not?

Fourty four- My feelings changed

Fourty five- Tell that to Leonardo DiCaprio

Fourty Six- What's a relationship without communication?

Fourty seven- I need it to be special for her

Fourty eight- Do you really like Belion that much?

Fourty nine- If i can't have him, no one can.

Fifty- I hate you

Fifty one- I guess we could say that

Fifty two- Can the Mafia please reveal himself?

Fifty three- 2:35pm

Fifty four- I'm moving

Fifty five- Will you marry me?

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