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Politics Part One

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This book is in no way meant to persuade or offend anybody.
However, if your opinions are different than mine, I'm sure some offense will be taken.
My advice: don't be afraid to comment if you have something on your mind.

WARNING: To all snowflakes,
If you choose to read this, feel free to comment any valid opinion that you may have, but do not talk sh!t, do not bully, and do not harass.
This is America. This is 2018. As hard as it is to believe, people CAN have different opinions.

If you're looking to genuinely learn about politics, don't listen to anybody. Study up on FACTS. Think for yourself.

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Let's talk politics. Debate freely, but please keep it respectful. No cursing!


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Highest Rankings: #1 Rules #1 Christian #1 Family This is a story about Clayton, age 24, and his little sister Sophia, age 12. Their parents died when Sophia was 6 and Clayton has taken care of her ever since then. He is doing his best to raise her to love herself, others, and most importantly God. He loves Sophia, but she can be a hand full at times, and this can get her into trouble. . . . "You can go ahead and put your phone in my office drawer, and I better not see you messing around when I get back, understand me?" I look down and mumble "Yeah..." which results is a sharp "Sophia." from Clayton. I look up at him and say "Yes sir." He never makes me call him sir except when I am in trouble, but he still expects that I say ma'am and sir to other adults all of the time. I think it is kinda silly, but I am not going to argue with him. My thoughts are interrupted when he say "And Sophia..." I look at him prepared for something else about my punishment, but he just says "... I love you." I give him a small smile and say "Love you too Clay." *ongoing*


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My opinions and thoughts about topics I want to talk about. Mostly controversial topics so I strongly encourage debate. Civil debate I might add. Stay respectful please.


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'If you're done staring then please sit down' - Christian Valentino © sugarfairy1976 Best rankings! #1 sarcastic #1 sm #1 cute romance #1 Chloe #2 boss #4 millionaire #5 Christian #5 possessive #6 billionaire #8 humour #22 romance Under construction


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This is part two of my politically incorrect opinions. Enjoy :) Ranks: #1 in HillaryClinton #5 in Pride


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Written by: Qian Shan Cha Ke Crying blood and tears, she pledged a poisonous vow. The gods did not fail her. She was sent back to a decade ago. The legitimate daughter of Jiang family returned from hell. Forget it, whatever. Since they already claimed that she was a temptress that wrecked the country, she shall overturn the world into complete chaos starting with her beguiling sister, her malicious stepmother, her cruel lover and her heartless family. Let her end the lives that Hades refused to end. She was a pawn in past life. This life, however, the world was her chess board. With an alluring smile and a charming figure that enchanted the entire city, the red-clothed woman wrecked chaos among the lands. She was a vengeful spirit from hell, determined to make those who wronged her pay in blood. "I want those who owe me a life debt to hold their hearts out in front of me. I want those who looked down on me to only be able to admire me. I want Lord Zhong Zi to shiver when he sees me. I want to step on these splendid river and mountains!" "You are a temptress and I am a thief." His robe was as dark as the night and his gaze was as cold as the Northern Star. "A perfect match." -- Her red dress was akin to a fire, but her heart was the coldest ice in the winter. He was stoic in his black robe, yet he was willing to warm her frozen heart. In this life, the elegant man seemed like a snowy bamboo grove with tall, chilly mountains, walking step by step towards her like an unstoppable force. "Ruan Ruan, if you hate the world, then I shall conquer the lands with you." "What if I love the world?" She asked. "I am the world, so you can only love me," he answered. Translated by togekiss, SamAtrey, shl, Iris, Minodayz, Mazu, moondancer, Salv Edited by Anks & Ely New translations are first posted weekly at:


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A basic explanation exposing the corruption taking place in American politics, and exploring the true solutions to economic prosperity.


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STORY 1- Story of Yuvraaj Viraat Pratap Singh and Ms. Amaira Sharma Yuvraj Viraat , a born ruler, who is the Governor of Rajasthan and the crown prince as well. He values nothing more than his family and his people. He is known to be ruthless to the people who are on his bad side. A name which brings shivers down the spine of wrong doers. He is a man who has the heart of every girl of India and is not unknown of his effect on girls, since he has them swooning all over him, and yet he has never touched a woman. He is a family man and wants a wife, not some fling. Amaira Sharma, a kind hearted girl who has no family so she tries to find love by helping others. She is a girl who is unaware of her own beauty as she had no one to tell her how mesmerizing she is.Her main motive in life is to spread happiness all around. STORY 2- Story of Yuvraaj Udayveer Singh and Princess Samaira Pratap Singh A man who got nothing easily, a man who lost his family as a young child, someone who is loved by all as well as called the devil by all. A Little princess who was the most pampered and yet the most innocent, a princess who was born with a silver spoon and yet the most humble one. How is it possible that the devil is notattracted by an innocent beauty? STORY 3- Yuvraaj Samraat - coming soon HIGHEST RANKINGS- #3 in Rajasthan ( 451 stories ) #29 in marriage (58.6K stories) #28 in Possession (3.6k stories) #2 in intimate (1.6k stories) #4 in Shy (9.2k stories)


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❝ She's like the moon, still managing to shine even when her whole world is dark . ❞ »»---- ⚾ ----«« [ COLLEGE BASEBALL SPORTS ROMANCE ] They had heard about one another from everyone, including the internet. She was someone who deserved the absolute world, and he was willing to drop everything and anything and give it to her. As someone who just focused on sports, he would do anything for her. She was his first strike, the first girl who won his heart.