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Read story Please...Don't. [ Miraculous Fanfic - Chlonette] ✔

Author: -NixxNixx-

Category: Fanfiction

Update: 01-08-2021

Status: Full

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Marinette Dupain-Cheng used to walk into the halls of school bullied by Chloe Bourgeois.

Now that's changed, Chloe acknowledges her feelings for Marinette after her eight month relationship with Lila.

Marinette however is starting to realise that she likes Chloe much more than a friend. Her brain still is obsessed with her best friend Adrien, but her heart likes Chloe.

Who will she choose?

"Who was Marinette 's first kiss? " Adrien questioned smirking. There was no answer for that one since she hadn't had her first kiss yet.

Chloe 's eyes widened, she knew that she had stolen her first kiss. It was not her place to tell him, but what if he already knew? Chloe looked to see Nino's face being unreadable and on his phone, she looked back at Adrien.

"Me. I was her first kiss. " she admitted.

"In your dreams, Chloe " Adrien said not believing a word she said.

"No Adrien, In your dreams"

[AU No superpowers - there are Adrienette scenes in this book]

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