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Pink Venom: YG's ACE

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When you will get to know the member who captures the heart of many netizen and the second eldest member of the group

Boombayah: The Blackpink's 5th Member ( Former Title)

Start: Jan 12, 2022
End: Jan 16, 2022


➡️ All the pictures and videos that i'm going to use is not mine so credits to the rightful owner

➡️ The info of the oc, family info and etc is fake

➡️ If you don't like my book then don't read it,i know that no one is perfect but may i remind you that it's not real and if you are going to comment mean or rude then your comment will be deleted
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You are the daughter of BTS. See what happens [Started 9/6/18]


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☆. . . summoning a demon to protect her crush from the many dangers he faces, hinata tachibana did not expect the oh so, eye-catching demon butler to attract so many people, at least, not the dangerous ones. ❜ ₍ ☆ ₎ :: ends during the tenjiku arc. ⤷ she/her pronouns used for the reader. ₍ ☆ ₎ :: comments about being 'disappointed' in the reader during chapter fifteen will be one step closer towards the deletion of this book. . . . ♰ , ⤷ 𝗺𝗶𝗰𝗵𝗶𝘀𝗻𝗼𝘃𝗶𝗮 ❜ ღ - published: thursday, october ღ - twenty-first, twenty-twenty one


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Solo idol Jia, also known as Rain's youngest sister, is officially announced to be part of Big Hit's new survival show I-land as a mentor. How will the trainees react to having the well known kpop star help them become idols? Jia has had a clean record so far having no scandals with other scandals,but what will happen if some I-landers fall for her?


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Requested 🍬 Female Reader Imagines with Yeji of Itzy 💐 Message me for any requests you have 💗 Started: 6-30-20 Completed: Highest Rankings: ♡ #1 in yejixreader ♡ ♡ #1 in itzy ♡ ♡ #1 in fluffyimagines ♡ ♡ #1 in Imaginesandpreferences ♡ ♡ #1 in yejiitzy ♡ ♡ #1 in itzyimagines ♡ ♡ #4 in nosmut ♡


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it all started when my mom met my dad and they had me. then i became a member of one of the most popular k-pop girl groups of all time. hi i'm Vivian, and my life... is kinda crazy.


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requested 💗 Female Reader Imagines with Ryujin of ITZY 💞 Requests are always open! No smuts or personal imagines allowed ❤️ Happy Reading! Started: 11-20-20 Completed: Highest Rankings: ♡ #1 in itzyimagines ♡ ♡ #1 in preferencesandimagines ♡ ♡ #3 in ITZY ♡ ♡ #5 in imaginesandpreferences ♡