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"Pillow Buddy" ✔

Author: Cjessie1230

Status: Full

Update: 29-07-2022

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❝Your heartbeat is like a lullaby❞ he mumbled

𝘚𝘰 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵'𝘴 𝘩𝘰𝘸 𝘩𝘦 𝘥𝘦𝘴𝘤𝘳𝘪𝘣𝘦𝘥 𝘪𝘵
I grabbed the duvet that was tossed at the side of the bed and I put it on top of both of us

❝Is it really like a lullaby?❞

He nodded ❝A slow lullaby that lulls me to sleep and your chest is soft too❞ he laughs as I hit him at the side of his head


Penelope Price just wanted to graduate from High School with excellence and honors but her goal is too hard to achieve because she doesn't do well in school or anything academic but she's only good at one thing anyone can do and that is sleeping.

A typical girl with a large family that is multilingual and is gifted in playing the piano would meet Cloud.

Cloud Marshall, Son of a Billionaire and a Golden Child, who holds many secrets. He has everything but cannot sleep. He just wanted to sleep but his insomnia and reoccurring nightmares would stop him. A guy whose ego is as high as his grades with an alluring face that can attract many people and a stubborn mischievous attitude that Penelope always hate.

Cloud and Penelope's relationship is a hard one to answer but it is clear they don't like each other, It would only take a single mistake from Penelope that will make Cloud strike a deal with her.

He was smart, she was not;
She is asleep while he is awake

He would tutor Penelope and she would sleep beside him on the same bed becoming his Pillow Buddy


#3 Romance
#3 Highschool
#3 Friends
#3 Love
#1 Sleep
#1 Insomnia
#1 Chapter
#1 Sisters
#1 Cloud

[Word Count: 206,800+ words ♡]

List Chapter


What an A-hole

Graduate with Honours

Like Morticia

Shut it Cloud

We Look Hot as Hell

We Argue Like Husband and Wife

100 Donuts In A Minute

Emo Kid

Childhood Friend

It's Me

Sophisticated Type


My Feet Hurt

Did She Slap You?

What Approval?

Whatever, Night Night

Can You Do That Again?

Chef's Kiss

Guys Would Fall And Girls Would Be Gay For You

Deal With The Devil

Curse Too Much

I Slept For 4 Hours

No Pain No Gain

Get In The Car

Dear God He Is Petty

A Bunny

Runaway Girl

These Immature Idiots

I Went Full-Blown Angry French Woman At Him

Big Heart

He Is An Ambivert

Snow White

Heart-Shaped Birthmark

It's Been 13 Years Already

He Was Right

Darn It

He Is Instant Popular

Pretty Dragon

Tell Me About It

What's A Dudette?

My Eyes It Hurts!

Who Took My Eyeliner!?

60 People

A Picture?

I Better Purchase Some Locks

So Technically Any Food

You Guys Live Together!?

The Four Idiots


You Will Be Fine

Follow Through With Your Anger

Mild Fever

That's A Fact

Mom Of The Group

Kiss Cam

Good Actor

Secret Special Project

A Greek God But With An Attitude

That Hotdog Pillow Is My Lifesaver

Red String Of Fate

So Bored

All Of It

Natural Beauty

You Don't Put Pasta In A Vegetable Soup

Eat Up Loser


Mrs. Worldwide

He Didn't Deserve It



She Was Being A Sore Loser

I Declare War!

Newbies First

Angel With A Shotgun

Rubbing Shoulders With Chef Ramsay

One Bit

Plant Box

Indirectly Kiss

Ever Seen The Slipper?

Kiss Me First

Penelope's Alarm

Better Common Sense

Lavender Scent

He Knows

How Do I Repay You?

Absolute Fool

Friend's List

End Of Me

Laziest When It Comes To Mornings

Not Classical

Extra Seat


No Doubt About It

It's A Fetish

Lake Louise

Sweating Waterfall

Egotistical Butt

Not Deep Enough

Price Clan


Hot Nurse Guy




Cottage Core


See You All

A Bit Better

Penelope 2.0

Luck Must Have Come With A Price

Micro Radio



Ninja Skills


5 Days

He Is Already A Troublemaker

Born For The Job

Green Tea



Huge Slap

So Strong It Was Unstoppable


Goodbye Kiss

Yellow Hibiscus

I Guess I Still Love You



Who You Calling Heavy!?

Crazy In Love

It's Too Early!

Full Of Energy

Stop Being Too Humble

The Guy With The Golden Boy Image

Traumatized People That Needs Therapy

I Love Surprises


The Starry Sky And You