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Path of the shinobi (Danganronpa Despair arc x OC)

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Rei Kamizuki, member of the Kamizuki shinobi clan and the son of clan's patriarch is living boring life in their shinobi village. He is bored of his everyday life that is constantly all the same. As one of strongest of his generation he also cannot develop his skills anymore. One day, he is invited to Hope's Peak academy as Ultimate Ninja. He has a chance to throw away this feeling of boredom and live more interesting life, but due to his lack of experience with outside world, he is unsure of this journey.

I do not own Danganronpa, pictures used or anything else used in the story. It belongs to it's respective owners.
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[Y/N] Tybur, Squad Captain of Marley's Warrior Unit and inheritor of the famed Warhammer Titan has been sent alongside his fellow Warriors on a crusade to the island of devils, to recover the Founding Titan. Will the Warriors be successful in their mission, or will they succumb to the horrors of Paradis Island? Attack on Titan along with all its characters belong to Hajime Isayama. A bunch of the fanart in here is not mine and belong to their respective owners :)


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πŸ„Danganronpa Boyfriend ScenariosπŸ„ INCLUDES : D1 - Makoto Naegi - Mondo Owada -Ishimaru Kiyotaka - Byakuya Togami -Leon Kuwata D2 -Hajime Hinata -Nagito Komeada -Gundham Tanaka -Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu D3 Shuichi Saihara Kaito Momota Kokichi Ouma Rantaro Amami πŸŽ‰and occasional oneshots πŸ˜‰πŸŽ‰


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It's time for you to go to your new school, Vocaloid High. You just transferred from a high school that didn't have the best reputation and plan on making a better name for yourself. You hope to find friends and even maybe....a lover.... I'm sure EVERYTHING will work out fine, the author has the character's best interest in mind after all...


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Y/n L/n, the Ultimate Female Yakuza. She survived the first killing game along with Makoto, Byakuya, Kyoko, Asihina, Toko and Yasuhiro. While the rest her friends went to future foundation, she decided to stay back, due to personal reasons, but still keep in touch with her friends. Since her parents were wealthy and her father was the head of the clan, she luckily has a mansion to call home. Everything is all fine until she ends up... at a tropical Island. (I DO NOT OWN DANGANRONPA) β€’UNDER MAJOR EDITING


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KomaHina Lemons. KomaHina is one of my favorite ships of allllll time. Enjoy some lemons. I am also not the best at writing and there will be mistakes that I miss so do not mind them. Requests are being taken. Also the artwork is not mine- credit to all of the artists, I only edited the cover~ {Best Ranks} β€’#3 in gayships (Oct. 19, 20) β€’#6 in gayships (Oct. 24, 20) β€’#5 in nagitokomaeda (Oct. 19, 20) β€’#4 in superdanganronpa2 (Oct. 19, 20) β€’#3 in animecharacters (Oct. 19, 20) β€’#2 in animeship (Oct. 19, 20) β€’#1 in shsl (Oct. 19, 20) β€’#101 in boyxboy (Oct. 19, 20) β€’#1 in nagitokomaeda (Aug. 13, 21) β€’#9 in lemons (June 7 22) β€’#1 in Nagito (Dec. 14 22) β€’#1 in Hajimexnagito (Jan. 27, 23) Started: September 3rd 2019 Weekly Updates: Fridays


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The end of the Killing School Life was only the beginning of an even greater Despair. And when loved ones become involved in the Despair she had caused, I wonder... Will any hope be left remaining to salvage?


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Y/n L/n is a Gray hat hacker, one of the most advanced ones to be exact. Their dream was to go to Hope Peak Academy but was rejected due to unknown reasons. This event caused an enormous amount of disappointment and anger in their father, who later begun to neglect them. So instead they spend their day in a typical boring High school rotting away in despair and sadness. Until one day, when they were hacking into random group chats online, they came across what they thought were a class group chat with some very interesting people. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -Non-Despair AU -Xreader -Full of Angst and Fluff -Simps -Smut (Maybe) -Inappropriate topics (I mean it's Danganronpa)


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A hacker joins hope's peak academy where he meets many people and many situations of many kinds.


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[This story will be removed from Wattpad on Jun 16th] When zombie sharks start attacking the shoreline it's up to Kayla, the sheriff's daughter and local bad boy, Justin, to save the town. ***** Seventeen year old Kayla Girard follows the rules just like any good sherriff's daughter should. But when eight dead sharks wash up on the highway outside her remote coastal town, Justin, the town lowlife, drags Kayla out to the highway with him. When they arrive at the scene, the sharks are gone - and two of Justin's friends are found dead in their place. Suddenly it's up to Kayla and Justin to save the town from sharks that won't stay dead. [[word count: 30,000-40,000 words]]