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Passing the Board Exam by Malditang Librarian, RL

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Here's a handy eBook of all my board exam tips with some additional content. This little eBook is meant to motivate and inspire test-takers to work hard and succeed in the board exam. This is written for the Librarians' Licensure Exam in mind but also applicable to other professions.

Download PDF version here:

Here are the contents of this eBook (53 pages, with over 10k words):
Prayer for Test Takers
Studying Tips Part 1: Study Smarter
Studying Tips Part 2: On the Actual Exam
"The Secret" of Topping the Board
5 things to Remember in Preparing for the Board
6 Ways to Improve Your Focus
Review Center or Self-Review? Pros and Cons
Don't Overlook your Health
Encouragement for the Board Exam (that has nothing to do with studying)
5 Reasons to strive for the Top Spot or Top 10, and 1 downside when you succeed
5 Bible Verses for your Review
Congrats, you passed! So, what's next?
Failure is not the End
Tips for the 6 Subjects of the LLE
Helpful Links
Recommended Reading
About the Author
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The Study Book. Welcome to my study book . This book is full of tips you could use when studying for your exams. I hope it helps you once you have read through it ! If you need anymore help be free to message me or to leave a comment! Thank you for reading :)


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"Ye Ishq hai meri aarzu. Ye ishq muhjhme samata hai. Ye ishq meri deewangi hai. Main ishq se nahi ishq mujhse hai. Ek baar agar main kisipe fanaa ho jaun toh haath chuth sakta hai par saath nahi." ~Sidharth Singhania "Mere sapne bhi ab rooh ki bediyon se lagte hain. Apne bhi ab apne se nahi lagte. Zimmedariyon ne bandha hai ya rishton ne? Iss ek tarfa farz ko nibhate nibhate kab sapne ne dum tod diya pata bhi na chala... Aaj peeche mud kar dekhti hu toh lagta hai vo deewani si ladki jiske chehre se muskaan nahi hat ti thi vo koi aur hai. Kya aaj bhi koi hai jo meri udaan ko pankh dega?" ~Shehnaaz Nanda Shehnaaz Gill is a passionate and trained dancer who couldn't live her dreams because of the cages that our society creates for a girl. She got married at an early age to a rich businessman Abhijeet Khurana and her dreams somehow drowned deep into restrictions. A cheerful and happy girl now fakes a smile every single time. On the other hand Sidharth Singhania is a big shot and handsome singer and lyricist whose work defines the kind of presence he carries on people. He owns his actions and is a man of his words. His viewpoints about life are an inspiration for many. The discipline he follows is still a dream for people to achieve. How will destiny bring these two together? Is it a fairytale which will find its happily ever after? What's their story? There are many questions but the answers are only inside the book. Wait for it to unfold. It's a journey of hope, dreams and the meaning of true love and true living. Hop in to be a part of this journey.


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Many of what we call "love stories" today are nothing more than stories of lust and desire, physical attraction disguised as love. Is love about dying for the one you love or living every breath with him? Swapping love notes... exchange , living happily ever after... Normally, we associate these ideas of love with couples who meet, date, and fall head over heels for each other. Very rarely do we relate these images to married couples. Moreover, we almost never connect this perception to Muslim couples, who marry according to purely Islamic customs. Although this link is quite rare, there actually exists an example in Islaam's own history, which not only depicts this kind of love but goes far beyond it. For ease of reading, I have not inserted "Peace be upon him" each time the name of the prophet SAW is mentioned in some stories, but please take it that the salutation apply to him peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him.. The stories have been compiled from various sites/books/lectures/Articles....


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~🆃🅴🅴🅽 🅵🅸🅲🆃🅸🅾🅽~ "Will you ever l-leave me? Like, leave-leave? If you're willing to, p-please don't" Demi pecks my cheeks cupping them, holding my hands with his chubby ones, together. Which shows an 'I', making it a secure round, says 'love' and kissing my nose, which says, he loves me more. That's how an eight year old could come up with. Forehead pecks says I'm angry but still love you. Kiss to the back of the hand means, do nothing silly and to the eyes declares the meaning 'don't cry, I am right by your side. "I don't know Demi, I'd do everything in me to be with you, happy and carefree. In case otherwise, my dad always says that life has no guarantee. Being prepared is everything you can be."I give him a tight hug, as though it's our last. His eyes hurt, those delicate eyes will catch one's soul, as they did to me every single time. Though I wasn't aware of falling for them. He always reaches out with his intense beautiful eyes, which held so much compassion and love, mostly innocence, as a baby reaches out to everyone with open arms. And I swear... those eyes are hard to forget. ••• "She calls him demon" "He calls her precious" Zoya Williams is full of mystery, She protects and fights for the people she loves, but being the sweetest, sadly the angel alone finds it difficult to overcome her demons inside. ~She was an Angel craving chaos. He was a Demon seeking peace.~ When her path crosses with a group of popular guys who are misjudged to be notorious and are devilishly handsome, how will everything proceed? Will they find out what's their purpose in their life and what are they worth it for? This book has many innuendos, sass, mushy, sap, simp and hot guys. This is my very first book, have patience with it, thanks! :D Disclaimer: Do not copy my hard work and my creativeness. If found any similarities it's a pure coincidence!! ~~••~


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LET Reviewer came from my previous school and review center.


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Nepenthe-- a fictional medicine for sorrow, pain. "Drug of forgetfulness" My take on the "inspiration" scene and what should follow it. Show related fiction....