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Paralyzer [Gotham]

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"Some people aren't looking for someone to change them; they are only looking for someone to accept them."

Gotham has no room for good doctors, it has to be proven time and time again before Lucian got this simple matter through her skull. The only way to survive is to adapt.

(PS, the chapters are supposed to count down initially, this is not a mistake)

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You were one of Hugo Strange's last creations, last monsters. You remembered your past life, everything, how you died. Your abilities have left you with no physical alterations, only mental. To deal with your ... 'gifts' you devised a code and a way to survive at the side of Penguin, the crime lord who constantly loses and regains power. Yet this brought you to meet an individual, one who was quite the peculiar case...


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A little bit of everything all rolled into one. I am a big fan of Gotham and this is my first book dedicated solely to the Gotham boys, so this is a collection of imagines of some of my favourite characters. Most imagines will be fluffy, smutty, or just downright romantic, and some will even have a twist; but I hope all will be fun. I hope you enjoy πŸ˜ƒ I don't own any of the Gotham characters, just the characters I create myself.


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Winter Dawn is just your normal goth girl, right? Wrong. She is actually a killer called Siren. Her targets? Men mostly. She also has some secret abilities that are passed down from an ancient lineage. She happens to catch the eye of a infamous hitman and assassin, Victor Zsasz. How will this all play out? Will she finally get close to a man, or has Victor met his end? Find out in Deadly Devotion.


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Victor was the exact opposite of her. She was pure, he was a sin. She was light, he was darkness. She was everything he wasn't. He wanted to shield her from him, but he fell harder for her every time she looked at him.


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Falcone's daughter (y/n) returned to gotham. She stirs up alot of trouble and runs into a hitman that caught her eye, Her fathers hitman to be exact.


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This is a book based on The Batman film by Matt ReevesπŸ¦‡ I'll be writing many one shots on the characters. Requests are welcome as of right now, you may request fluff, smut, etc.


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[ THIS STORY IS IN PROGRESS MAY 2023, Before reading this story, you must know the first chapters were made a really long time ago, my newer chapters are way longer and it gets better, trust me. ] Haly's Circus is like a perfect place to start an intership, or make it ur full time job in the future, right? Nothing special. Y/n Gordon* meets a boy called Jerome at the area, at first it seems like a normal boy, but she finds out he's more than that. He has family trouble. Y/n is open to help, but her parents aren't the type of people to support all of this. So y/n decides to keep it secret. Or well... later she can't decide to keep the relationship between Jerome and herself. It has to be kept a secret. Otherwise they would both end up in really bad situations after what they've done... Protect Jerome. It's all she can think about after what happened. You won't take him from me, ever again. She repeats. She will show the world what she would do to save her boyfriend. She won't give up, oh no she will never give up on him. *Y/n Gordon, the daughter of Barbara Kean and James Gordon. And big sister of Barbara Gordon. [ Even though the story is based on the tv show Gotham, it doesn't follow the exact storyline.]


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in which Bruce Wayne's childhood friend is the next target of the Riddler. bruce wayne x fem! oc, the batman. @𝐟𝐚π₯π₯𝐞𝐧𝐠𝟎𝐝𝐬 - 2022. COVER BY @diorkaizen