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Papa Razz's orders (Razzbowski X Reader X Markiplier)

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You are a 15 year old girl and you are Razzbowski's daughter. You like a guy by the name of Mark Fischbach, your father though, hates him.
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If you can read the title, you can figure this out. Literally, 31 days of EEF smut.


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One shot stories with different YouTube ships. Maybe I'll post some, maybe I won't. -=+ Main ships that will be featured+=- stacyplays + Graser SSSniperWolf + Sausage SSSniperWolf + DigitalNex (I ship them friendship-wise cuz I don't really see them as a couple at all) LaurenzSide + Bobizard LaurenzSide + Smajor Shubble + HBomb94 (At the end of every story, you'll be rewarded with a pic of mine. It could be a picture I took of weather related stuff, landscape, one of my taxidermy projects, or if you're lucky, one of my pets)


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Boi why are you even reading this all the information you need is in the title


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You can give me characters to make a one-shot with, or a prompt with characters and reader, or anything else you can think of! Anyways, I'll be doing AอŸLอŸLอŸ of them... including:.. The Duke, Salvatore Moreau, Donna Beneviento (+ Angie if requested), Lycans, Dimitrescu and her daughters, Elena, Ethan, Miranda, Mia, Rose, and even Chris. As of now, requests are open


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You are (Y/n), a 25 year old female. You are quite famous, you have a few million subscribers on YouTube and are living a great life. The new FNAF: Security Breach has just come out and you livestream it on YouTube. One night after finishing the game you wake up in the FNAF Reality. You eventually find out a few famous YouTubers who also finished the game were sucked into the game as well. Will you become friends with the animatronics or are they trying to kill you?


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Adopted by Markiplier and Razzbowski


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Y/n has a quest of meeting one of her favourite YouTubers Razzbowski and is her bestfriend Jacksepticeye and her really good friend Markiplier going to help her who knows well read the story and you will find out ๐Ÿ˜


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Crazy wouldn't be the word for Y/N, she is literally insane! Her home is a mental hospital. She has had many guards and care takers to look after her at the daytime and night but none of them could handle her so they decided to move her, into a bigger asylum a one with consequences and punishments...


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Y/n had her own style. Pastels and black. her parents hated it and her style. Living like this for 13 years plus abuse you finally learned how to block out the pain, you only cry in anger at yourself because you didn't do anything about it. You do, and forever will, blame yourself, will you ever be normal?


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The once great Kingdom of Youtoria is divided into eleven seperate kingdoms. The Alpine, The Taiga, The Birch, The Flower, The Volcano, The Tropical, The Desert, The Mesa, The Jungle, The Swamp, and The Corrupted Kingdom. They have been against each other for decades. Each kingdom preaches that they are superior. On the verge of war, each ruler learns of a prophecy. Now there's a scramble for more power and more influence. For the glory of their kingdoms. 'Our Kingdom Come' is based on the Minecraft KingdomCraft series by your favorite Youtubers: Ldshadowlady, Smallishbeans, TheOrionSound, Stacyplays, Joeygraceffa, Seapeekay, Dangthatsalongname, Yammy, LaurenZSide, Strawburry17, and Shubble.