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Our Little Secret||PPGxRRB Vampire Story

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Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup transfer to Uranium High School. Everything starts to fall apart when they fall for Brick, Boomer, and Butch, or should I say the vampires.
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Vivienne didn't believe in vampires until she started to suspect her prince might be one. Which will she sacrifice - humanity or love? ***** Vivienne lives in a world where girls are chosen to become consorts of royalty, aristocrats and the filthy rich. When she catches the eye of a mysterious prince, she begins to suspect that the elite members of society aren't quite human. Her childhood friend, Blake, warned her about vampires before he died under suspicious circumstances - but now she might be bonded to one of the most powerful undead. Who can she trust? And more importantly - can she stop herself from falling in love? [[word count: 150,000-200,000 words]] Cover designed by Anastasia Wright


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Blossom Flowers, Buttercup Stars and Bubbles Waters. The 3 princesses to the 3 kingdoms, The Flowers, The Stars and The Waters. When each of their Kingdom comes crushing down due to an attack by an unknown source, can they save their parents and their Kingdom before it's too late? Highest Ranking: 3rd in ppgzxrrbz 2nd in buttercupxbutch *Please know this book was made when I was 13/14 and I didn't edit out my language nor bother to make this a decent book so BEWARE.


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Ever since the RRBZ have left Townsville,everyday has been peaceful and fun.The PPGZ have been saving lives for the past few months like killing, robbing, and prison escapes.No villain(s) has done these things,but people only.After 3 years,the RRBZ have come back and something about them is....strangely different. FANFICTION


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"Do we have to save Elena" "What a bitch" "Phasmatos Incendia" "And this is why I don't help" "Sounds kinda Katheriney to me" "Game on" "Blondie 123 check" "Hes hot" "Scarlett Witch not at your service"


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The title says it all but the powerpuff girls go to their first year in high school but figured out that the rowdy ruff boys go there to. How will the girls 4 years in high school go when the high school turns into a boarding school? Also I ship hard on Bubbles and Boomer.


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This is the story of Astrid McCall, Rafael's little sister. _________________________________________________ "I have a hard time understanding what you want Astrid" he said frustrated with his blue eyes locked in mine. "You have a hard time down there too" I said seriously pointing at this jeans. "For fucking sake McCall, you're going to be the death of me" said Peter knowing that I won. ________________________________________________ 100 votes - 23.08.21. 2.51K views 500 votes - 5.09.21. 14.1K views 1000 votes - 27.09.21. 34K views 2000 votes - 1.11.21. 64K views 3000 votes - 12.01.22. 112K views I do not own any Teen Wolf characters, only Astrid McCall, Raven Dawson and Jemisha Lycan. Kinda 1.000 words/chapter #1-mccall 21.08.21 #1-peterhale 19.08.21 #1-halefamily 22.08.21 #2-hale 10.11.21 #1-teenwolf 22.08.21 #3-bashee 10.11.21 #1-rafaelmccall 23.08.21 #1-taliahale 1.11.21 #1-melissamccall 4.10.21 #139-scottmccall 5.09.21 #1-stilesstilinski 23.08.21 #1-noahstilinski 29.08.21 #779-alpha 31.08.21


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Vampires, werewolfs, wizards, demons, fairy's. They are mortal enemy's. For centurys they have been fighting for God knows what. untill each of the princes stepped up. They came together and became friends. Well... That was intill they found out they all have the same mate. Are the prince's willing to share their mate? Or will they throw away thier newly built friendship for their precious mate? What if their mate was just a mere human? What if naruto rejected all of the them? And what if this wasn't just a normal human? Read to find out!


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Just a bunch of random one-shots about ppgxrrb that pop into my mind. (Big butchercup shipper... you've been warned) If you have a request for a one-shot feel free to pm me or comment. One thing you should keep in mind before reading and/or asking for a certain request: I AM A COLOR CODED SHIPPER! This means only Bubbles x Boomer ; Butch x Buttercup ; Blossom x Brick ; and any other ppg x RRB pairs.


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Evil has returned and with the Shadowhunter's reuniting in time, Jace, Clary and Isabelle must get the team back together again Allison Argent leaving the pack after the war of wolves, trying to find out who killed her parents. Alec Lightwood, stubborn as ever but must decide whether he will reunite with the team one last time.... Can Allison see Shadowhunter's? Is Allison a Shadowhunters all this time but has been lied to? Can she destory evil for good without have any distractions or will a certain black raven hair man be the biggest distraction.... better yet her greatest weakness? "I trust you.... I don't know why, but I do" "Careful Alec.... might start to think you actually care"