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Author: joymoment

Status: Writing

Update: 25-05-2022

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Though the last chapter is read that doesn't mean the story is over.

One shots for A Secret Service including Prom, Wedding, Missions and so much much more!

Mainly cause you kept asking for them and I have a bad habit of listening. 🙄You control me and it's not even funny 🤦🏽♀️.

Enjoy! 😄

*struts about* #26 in TeenLove. That's right this book is awesome 😏😎🤓🥸
*smirks* #22 in Action-romance, what can I say this book is that stellar!

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Author: Let Me Explain.

A Special Sort of Problem

After The Attack

Coming To Terms



Finding Solutions

Taking A Chance

The Twelfth Date

When Carter Wasn't Herself

Carter and The Boy

It Happened One Night

Carter and Mason Meet


School Project

Unwanted Attention

The Anniversary

Close Encounters of the Carter and Mason Kind

Summer Vacation (Alternate Universe)

A Different Time (Alternate Universe)

Continued Alternate Universe

Six Years Later (Alternate Universe)



Parting Words

Leaving It All Behind

The First Meeting

Becoming Friends

Facing Facts

Getting In Trouble

A Single Lie

Stepping Out




Carter Meets Haley

Meet The Keller Brothers

Meeting The Family

Meeting The Family (Part 2)

College Party

Christmas Presents

Fighting Back



A Secret Discovered

Everything Changes

Three Little Words

A Bad Day

Maddy Finds Out

A Girls' Day

A Day's Work

First Day

Shutting Out (Part 1)

Coming Back Together (Part 2)

A Romantic Gesture (Part 3)

Stuck Together

The Rescue

New Years Eve

Link's Wedding

The Engagement

Asking Captain For Permission

The Start of Something New

The Past

Butting Heads

Meeting Him For The First Time (Yvette)

Coming Clean

Something Super

The Best Kind of Traditions

The Conclusion

Poker Night

Questions for Carter and the Keller Brothers


The Wedding

The Reception

The Honeymoon

Honeymoon (Part 2)

Moving In


A Bad Decision

Meeting Once Again

A Birthday Surprise

Going Out For Dinner

Facing Fear

Mason's Wedding

The Write Service (Part 1)

The Write Service (Part 2)

Valentine's Day

When Disaster Strikes (Part 1)

Aftershock (Part 2)

Quiet (Part 3)

A Visit With Carter (Part 3.5)

Aftermath (Part 4)

The Story (Part 5)

Leaving (Part 5.5)

First Day Back (Part 6)

Finding Their Way Back (Part 7)

Undercover (Part 8)

It Happened One Day (Part 9)

Returning To Work (Part 10)

Returning To Work: Continued (Part 11)

Saying No (Part 12)

Double Date (Part 13)

The Best Laid Plans

Meeting Her (Clint's POV)

The Fifth Date (Clint's POV)

The Mission

High School Reunion

The Unstoppable Couple

The Russian Dancer

Take The Lead

Therapist Office

A Normal Day

Once and For All

The World Turned Upside Down

Date Night

Stand Off


The Intern

Something Unexpected



That One Moment

Breaking The News

Finding Order

Over Due

The Birth

Hard Truth

A Step Forward

The Dilemma

Getting the News

Danny Finds Out

Not Alone (Part .5)

Lost (Link's POV)

The End (Part 1)

New Beginning (Part 2)

Resolution (Part 3)

Starting Again (Part 4)

The Funeral (Part 5)

Something New (Part 6)

The Only Way (Flashback)

Building A Team (Flashback)

Quiet Night (Flashback)

Half A Day

A Boys' Day




A Life Lesson

When They Were Ten

A Moment of Clarity

Dress Shopping

Winter Formal

Winter Formal (Kennedy's POV)

Sneaking Out

The Cousins

Growing Up

Best Friends Life (Part 1)

Best Friends Life (Part 2)

The Truth Comes Out

Chapter 1 - Gender Reversal

Girl Power Galaxy

Carter and Donovan answer 13 Embarrassing Questions for Couples!

Carter and Donovan Answer Round Two of Questions

100% Guilty

What Does It Mean To You?