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One & The Same, A HerYerdeSen Short Story

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Forced to attend a Fun-in-The-Sun family day /Company Town Hall Meetings on a Saturday, Selin Sever must maneuver through a sea of past and present colleagues. With a nickname like "Jinxie" it's probably not going to go smoothly.
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This is an AU of the Turkish show Erkenci Kus. A show that has the two most chemistry filled leading couple I have ever seen in a show/movie. In this version Sanem has to leave her home and her family after finding herself in a heap of trouble with some unsavory characters. With the help of Aziz, an agent with the National Intelligence Organization, she moves to a small town where no one knows who she is to start a new life. Sanem tries to accept the fact that her old life is over and she may never be truly happy again. That is until she meets Can Divit.


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After the wedding, Selin and Demir take the road for discover the world. So put your backpack on, you are going with them. The story starts after the final episode of Her Yerde Sen. All characters belong to the magnificent Karga Seven team and our dear Master Ender Mihlar. ........ A special thanks to my best partner in crime Elsa who pushes me everyday to write this story and corrects me.


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In astrological circles, it is said that when Mercury is in retrograde, chaos reigns. Relationships breakdown. People betray those they never thought they would. Everything you thought you knew without a shadow of a doubt, is proven false. And for Serkan Bolat and Eda Yildiz, that's exactly what happened. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Do not copy or reproduce. The events and plot enclosed are fictional and belong to me. As this is an Edser AU, some characters belong to their original owners. Twitter: @dizigirl1


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CAN hates spending nights away from his family. Sanem and the triplets are his first priority in every decision he makes now. A photography assignment sometimes means a night in a hotel or a long drive home. He usually always chooses the latter. An unusual ritual begins in the Divit household...


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Heyy folks! It's me again with another one shots, this time it's about our Ozan and Esra from the series "ask mantik intikam" who's gone through a lot and therefore made me gather a lot of different scenarios I wish happened and will happen. Let's see how I can make them come through here. Will you be with me through this journey? All love - _mmaazz_🤍


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(AU) His life was his daughter and that was it. In Istanbul, a woman will come to change Demir's life in the most unexpected way and bring his black and white existence into a colorful adventure. Disclaimer This is only a fanfic, I do not own the characters, they all belong to Karga Seven Pictures and fox Turkey. This was made only for entertainment purposes and I gain nothing from it :)


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AU, HerYerdeSen : One phone call from Ayda about an upcoming event makes Selin question the possibility of running into the teenage boyfriend who broke her heart. But he's all the way out in California, so no way he'll show up, right? Set in New York City and the Hamptons, an affluent popular summer beach destination located on Long Island, New York.


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A story based on Can Yamans Turkish dizi. Ozgur Atasoy. Rich, handsome, Club/bar owner and DJ lives in an exclusive rooftop penthouse in Istanbul. He's a Player. A lover of beautiful things and he can't resist one night stands with beautiful women. And then he meets sweet, down on her luck Ezgi. A pretty brunette party planner. Newly dumped, by her boyfriend and her boss. She crashes into his life via her cousins apartment that adjoins his, and she clearly needs help. But his kind of help just leads to all sorts of trouble. For both of them.


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Selin Sever is a world famous painter; however, her life is turned upside down when a new investor gets into contact. Demir Erendil is a mysterious and over-bearing man who cannot seem to stay out of Selin's life. But as the two get to know one another - betrayal and secrets from the past begin to unfold.