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One String, Two Lovers ; sanhwa, atz

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In which fate brings two lovers back again.
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Cringe. Ateez bxb smuts


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"Be careful around him y/n he's not who you think he is" "Y/N!! I TOLD YOU NOT TO SEE HIM ANYMORE! WHY CAN'T YOU GET THAT THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULL?!" "Hongjoong I'm scared. Please help me" _________________________________________>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>°°°<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< This is about a normal everyday girl that only had one friend who grew up with her. Till one day she bumped into someone who makes her feel happy and they become important to each other. That person happens to be Hongjoong, the CEO of KQ Treasure but also the Boss of a Mafia group called ateez. When she told her friend that she actually made a new friend she thought he'd be happy but he wasn't. He was jealous and tried to get them to stop seeing each other but it doesn't work. What happens between y/n and Hongjoong? Will Y/n be locked away with her Pyscho friend for ever? Not allowed to interact with anyone? Will y/n find out about Hongjoong and if so, what will her reaction be? _________________________________________ There's a better description inside and this is my first book so it probably won't be that good but I tried. Also the book is based from February onwards, so it hasn't been Yunho's or Seonghwa's bday yet. Started - 7th April 2020 Finished - Will contain strong language and violence and some mature scenes but not explicit ones. Also there will be some mention of other groups.


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song mingi, the main rapper and main dancer of kpop boygroup ateez, is the heir of the late prime minister?! sovereign series #1 highest ranking: #17 in yungi - 20220617 #34 in songmingi - 20230302 #59 in jeongyunho - 20230306


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"i'm the happiest when you're next to me." in which choi san discovers his real home in the comfort of jung wooyoung. - small spin off for 'missing', a jongsang story. ### started: 29-09-22 finished: ///


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a book full of adventures. + fluff, angst, a little bit of steaminess, fantasy, horror, crime, a small intervention from stray kids, and plenty more. + do not degrade yourself in my comments. despite the angst in this story, my books and my page are supposed to be a safe place. uplift yourselves and those around you ♡ + requests are closed.


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San is sent into gay panic when he meets his girlfriend's brother and realizes that he thinks Wooyoung is a lot more attractive than he should.