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Read story One Direction Imagines And Preferences.

Author: _VidhiS

Category: Fanfiction

Update: 07-04-2019

Status: Full

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We all love 1D and want to be friends/girlfriends/boyfriends with them.
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He tells you you are beautiful (harry styles imagine)

You get hate (harry and louis pref)

You embarrass yourself preference 3/5

He walks in on you in the toilet. Zayn imagine

He surprises you preference

What turns him on

You find out you are pregnant and tell him(liam imagine)

He finds out you cut preference 2/5

He finds out you cut preference 3/5

He asks you out (zayn malik imagine)

You tell him you're pregnant preference

He thinks you are cheating on him preference

The pickup line he uses on you preference

His back ground on his phone preference

His favorite part of you preference

How you wake him up preference

Your parents dont approve of him (harry imagine)

He yells at you (zayn imagine)

He gets jealous (niall imagine)

He forgets your birthday (harry imagine)

How you met preference

You are sick preference

He comes home drunk (niall imagine)

For Rachel: louis and you eat carrots together

You have a nightmare preference


He sees you without makeup preference

What he tells you after a fight preference

What he tweets about you preference

He sees you in glasses preference

What he texts you on your birthday preference

You have a talent he doesnt know about preference

He asks your dad for permission to marry you (harry imagine)

You get a bad haircut preference

How he makes you smile preference

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Authors Note

A kiss in the rain (Niall imagine)

Your 1D song preference

You meet the other boys (Harry imagine)

There's a bug preference

The power goes out (Louis imagine)

For Sherisse: you tell him you are pregnant (Harry imagine)

For Lakyn: you get hurt badly (Harry imagine)

A/N: sorry

Random cliche Louis imagine :P

For Harvey: A date with Niall

For Ale: He forgets your birthday Harry imagine

What he does when you're on your period preference

Someone close to you dies preference

You have a miscarriage (Liam imagine)

For Rayven: he hits you (Niall imagine)

For Ania: He hits you (Liam imagine)

What he gives you for your birthday preference

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What he does when you are angry preference

Food Fight (Harry imagine)

For Valrie: He hits you but makes it up to you (Harry imagine)

For Elle: He meets your family (Liam imagine)

For Kalista: Oops, it slipped (Harry imagine)

For Holly: The Beach

For Elle: He Tells You You Are Beautiful

For Kalista: He wants to cuddle but you are too busy (Harry imagine)

For Kate: Proposal from Zayn

For Kalista: He comes back from tour (Harry imagine)

He saves your life preference

For Maria: He comforts you after a nightmare

For Maria: Pregnancy complication (Harry imagine)

For Maria: First kicks (Harry imagine)

For Mehwish: Falling in love (long Zayn imagine)

For Hannah: He gets jealous (Liam imagine)


For Kalista: Proposal (Harry imagine)

For Destiny: Your birthday (Louis imagine)

For Ayah: You have anorexia (Harry imagine)

For Tatyanna: He has a twin! (Niall imagine)

For Janice: He finds out that you cut (Niall imagine)

Proposal and Jealousy (Niall and Harry Imagine)

For Tianna: Bed Hogger (Liam Imagine)

For Ayah: The Meeting (Harry Imagine)


For Allison: Paris (Harry imagine)

For Melanie: He cheats on you (Niall imagine)

For Alle: Migraine (Niall imagine)

For Ashley: He goes to your softball game (Niall imagine)

For Katie and Sarah: Pregnancy, Jealousy and Dating?

For Jasmine: Breakfast in Bed - Liam Imagine

For Gabrielle: Half a Heart - Louis Imagine

For Josie: Kids (Niall imagine)

For Amanda: Broken Up... Or not

For Alexandra - One Night Relationship (Harry Imagine)

For Akira: Jealousy (Zayn Imagine)

For Iulissa - Punk + Nerd (Perd? / Nunk?) (Harry Imagine)


For Lea - Pregnancy Announcement Gone Wrong (Liam Imagine)

For Alexis: Reunited (Niall Imagine)

For Abi: Surprise! (Harry Imagine) AbiKidd

For Ella: Meeting 1D (Liam Imagine)

For Bella: Diabetes (Harry Imagine)

Not an update :(

For Akira - How Tall Are You Actually? (Zayn Imagine)

For Kimberly - Short (Zayn Imagine)

For Tiffany: Fight (Harry Imagine)

For Courtney: Bulimic (Niall Imagine)