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Read story Once We are Descendants

Author: starchild10

Category: Fanfiction

Update: 20-11-2022

Status: Writing

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When Mal of Auradon and Crystal of Storybrooke mix the wrong spells together, both end up accidentally opening a portal and sending the students of Auradon to Storybrooke. With no other choice but to work together, the teens meet their prospective "parents" in the small town. Some fit in easily, but some don't. What happens when a villainous character wants to use this their way?

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List chapter

Prologue: Go Back?

Chapter 1: New Worlds

Chapter 2: I Want to Know More

Chapter 3: Life as Usual

Chapter 4: Be There for You

Chapter 5: Secrets to Learn

Chapter 6: Plots for Portals

Chapter 7: Long Live Evil

Chapter 8: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Chapter 9: Framed for Nothing

Chapter 10: Success for All

Chapter 11: Stealthy Shrimpy

Chapter 12: Theories and Mysteries

Chapter 13: Risky Business

Chapter 14: Made, Not Born

Chapter 15: Looking After Me

Chapter 16: Inner Villain

Chapter 17: The Pain of Broken Heart

Chapter 18: Freedom

Chapter 19: Fight for Love

Chapter 20: Caught in the Dark

Chapter 21: Support Before Danger

Chapter 22: How Auradon Fights

Chapter 23: It's Going Down

Chapter 24: What's My Name?

Chapter 25: Battle Till the End

Chapter 26: What Did I Bring to Storybrooke?

Chapter 27: Taming the Dragon

Chapter 28: Hooked on Guilt

Chapter 29: Check the Introductions

Chapter 30: Friends and Enemies

Chapter 31: Friends and Family

Chapter 32: The Family of Evie

Chapter 33: Members of Darkness

Chapter 34: Number One Troublemaker

Chapter 35: Family Feud

Chapter 36: Parental Dysfunction

Chapter 37: Emotional Tides

Chapter 38: Dizzy's Discourse

Chapter 39: When No One is Watching

Chapter 40: Changed?

Chapter 41: Rationale

Chapter 42: Family Dinner

Chapter 43: Family Tales

Chapter 44: Late Night Visit

Chapter 45: Strange New Land

Chapter 46: Shocks and Spots

Chapter 47: Crystal Clear

Chapter 48: Morning Madness

Chapter 49: Discipline and Devotion

Chapter 50: A Lesson in Hope

Chapter 51: Roll Call

Chapter 52: Heroes or Villains?

Chapter 53: Parental Rules

Chapter 54: Mother-Daughter

Chapter 55: CJ Trouble

Chapter 56: Pirate v.s. Princess

Chapter 57: Meet the Parents

Chapter 58: Ursula's Urchin

Chapter 59: Poor Unfortunate Souls

Chapter 60: Moving In

Chapter 61: De Vil in Disguise

Chapter 62: Home Away From Home

Chapter 63: Her Brother's Keeper

Chapter 64: Dateable

Chapter 65: Amends for Amour

Chapter 66: Hidden Deception

Chapter 67: Heart to Heart

Chapter 68: Negotiations

Chapter 69: Family Ties

Chapter 70: Something Unexpected

Chapter 71: Potential

Chapter 72: The Storm Within

Chapter 73: A Bit Bizarre

Chapter 74: When the Claws Come Out...

Chapter 75: Tension

Chapter 76: Truth and Lies

Chapter 77: Dark One to the Rescue?

Bonus Content: Crystal's Back Story (Not a Chapter)

Chapter 78: Crumbling

Chapter 79: Love/Hate

Chapter 80: Suppression

Chapter 81: Hello My Heart

Chapter 82: Uh Oh Oh Oh It's Magic

Chapter 83: Dead Alive

Chapter 84: Fingerprints

Chapter 85: Dragon Ladies

Chapter 86: Leap of Faith

Chapter 87: Training Day

Chapter 88: Disappearing Act

Chapter 89: Dance of the Dragons

Chapter 90: Something Worth Keeping

Chapter 91: Aftermath

Chapter 92: The Importance of Being You