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the title. (I asked my brother if I should make one he said yes) I do take requests also.


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Enjoy! This rp is going to go through all the seasons of Ninjago!


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A male reader insert of coming into the world of Ninjago. The Master of Wind and one of the protectors of the Golden Weapons. Read to fight alongside the ninja to protect Ninjago from great evil. Fighting crime. Adventures. Romance. *A/N* I'm rewriting the series so check that out. It's "Ninja Go (Rewrite)" Also the cover was done by me and the reader isn't described like that in the story except for the scars (it's how I picture Y/n) I do not own the series, it belongs to its rightful owner(s) I started this story on my other account on Quotev as "turtle turtle" and grew the balls to share it on this account.


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in which Vienna Silva achieves her lifelong dream of joining the Specialist Academy, and meets Sky of Eraklyon along the way skyxfem!oc started: 31/01/21 S1 ended: 01/06/21 banner by @axelauriants ❤ Highest Rankings #1 in sky #1 in winxclub #1 in specialist #1 in fairy #2 in magic


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•Lalisa Pranpriya Manoban A Cold hearted twenty five year old Chairwoman and CEO of a multi billionaire company known as LM. and the owner of prestigious universities in South Korea. Lalisa Graduated as Summa Cum Laude with the average of 4.0 GPA in Oxford University in England. •Jennie Ruby Jane Kim A 'softie' twenty two year old Bad Bitch who rules the whole university. She's the school president, queen bee, cheerleader and the top student with tons of achievements since her sophomore year. Students in LM University knows that Jennie Ruby Jane is the school pride. But what will happen if they both end up being possessive? "i will not hesitate to kill everyone just to make sure she's all mine" -LISA "whoever tries to steal her away from me will face death" -JENNIE WARNING! G!P⚠️ reminder before reading: •english is not my first language so you might encounter grammatical errors and some misspelled words while reading. STARTED: September 27, 2021 ENDED: -- -- -- (on going)


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"What would you do if you were adopted by vampires?" That's a question you'll probably never have to answer, but for Raven Light, that question is her entire life. When her guardian passed away unexpectedly, she's sent to live with her guardian's close friends at the young age of eight. These friends happen to be a group of vampires, who have absolutely no idea of how to take care of a grieving sassy young girl. Which of course is nothing compared to what they start to deal with when she gets older. Raven has no intention of listening to anything the vampires say, intending to live life the way she wants. The older Raven gets, the more the lines between them begin to blur. Even as she tries to avoid catching feelings for the vampires she's determined to despise, the heart wants what it wants. And for some reason, her heart wants five vampires. Stupid hormones. REVERSE HAREM. MATURE CONTENT. All that fun stuff ;) Contains boy × boy themes Minor girl × girl


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I never thought dying in my sleep and then waking up in a closet with THE HARRY POTTER is a thing but i guess I'll follow the flow But this time, I'll save everyone... Let harry see the truth. Be aware of Lilian Potter and Harry Potter because they are going to shake this wizarding world.


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꧁ ❁【⸻⸻⸻⸻】❁ ꧂ ⸢𝕰⸥very legend started with a history, a history of one's making that make the others look up and feel inspired by the hero. But, a hero started with a normal citizen, a citizen with no special abilities nor any special talents. A person who only knew nothing into the world. And with that a prophecy will set upon the worthy one, willing to follow the path and accept the destiny they are set to go. And in order to achieve that title, all they have to do is to move forward, never look back, and to never give up. With this, a story reached it's beginning for other people to hear a tale of a young warrior. ꧁ ❁【⸻⸻⸻⸻】❁ ꧂ 『DATE OF THE BOOK WAS CREATED』 ↳♚𓆃 || 10/21/18 『DATE OF THE BOOK WAS FINISHED』 ↳♚𓆃 || NOT DATED


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I will make up ideas or suggestions are available