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My Tangerine [TsukiHina]

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A bitchy beanpole, a bubbly tangerine. This is their love story.

Tsukishima Kei and Hinata Shoyo play for the Karasuno volleyball team. After Yamaguchi's sleepover, everyone on the Karasuno volleyball team began to think things that weren't true, or were they?

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All Haikyuu!! Teams are in a Mafia. Hinata Shoyo and Hinata Natsu are the adopted kids of Ukai and Takeda, who are in a Mafia. He has a Cafe shop called SUN RAY'S PLACE How will the story between these Mafias and sunshine unfold ☀️? ⚠️EXPLICIT SCENES⚠️ ⚠️STRONG LANGUAGE⚠️ Photo artist is @sasa__0901 on Twitter.


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Just a bunch of Shouyou one-shots I write when I'm bored. :3 I love this tangerine so much, like, I can't even begin to explain how much he means to me. If anything happened to him, I'd kill everyone in this room, and then myself 😌🙏🍊


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Hinata is a very caring kind and lovely person whom every body absolutely adored. He was ball of sunshine who lights up everyone around him. An absolute beauty too. Girls wished to have a body like his it was perfect. Everyone loved him but a group of boys are rather unconditionally in love with this little ball of sunshine. This is the journey of our little sunshine and this group of boys who have fallen in love with him. This story is inspired by an another wonderful hinata harem story that I had read few months ago although I tried searching for the story, I didn't find it again in the list. That story is absolutely very beautiful and the way of writing is very professional. I'm not a writer just trying out something new. this story will be very similar to that story but I will be adding my own things but overall similar to that story. I loved that story. I wish to reread it again once. if anyone of readers get any clue of that story while reading mine please do mention it. ⚠️I don't own any characters in this story and any pictures which will be taken in the story are not mine and the credit goes to the owners of the pictures. ⚠️ This is story is based on our adorable little ball of sunshine Hinata Shoyo from the anime Haikyuu. And also this is an AU. Thank you for choosing to read this story.


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This is a ✨Hinata harem✨ So basically hinata is dating the Karasuno third years and he never met the volleyball teams and a TrainingCamp was coming up for the Karasuno Volleyball team with the other teams and some teams from America hinata is one of the Volleyball captains/Coaches from America and his team is called the "Tech Beetles" but on the court there called the venomous beetles, and when the training camp comes to life all the Volleyball teams fall for the ball of sunshine *Ps. Hinata also have little space and since he live in America he always have to face time his boyfriends to keep everything updated with them*