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My Prosperity

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The sequel to My Shawtyyy

"Me or her"

"I choose........
May be you like?


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Avery is back in her hometown, after she moved away to LA with her mom. After her parents divorced her mom thought it would the best if they get away from the city. Avery Davis is 19 years old and a pretty shy person. She's always very quiet when she's around people she doesn't know and doesn't really talk to strangers in general. She can be a loud person who always makes jokes but only around people she trusts or friends. Victoria Diaz is 20 years old and the typical bad girl. She's always mean to everyone except her best friend and she always speaks what's on her mind. What happens when Avery goes to the same college as Victoria and meets her? Can Avery break her shell and will they become friends? Or even more? Or will Victoria shut her out completely? [Highest rankings] Lgbt #45 College #33 Mlm #24 Enemiestolovers #1


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A lesbian story about Kam(Kamila) a stud and Juju(Juliauna) a fem. Js watch to find out more.❀️ first story btw.


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*COMPLETED* (Y.O.L.O stands for: YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE) *** Carter Jones, the school nerd, and Killian Henderson, the reputated troublemaker, somehow end up getting detention together. "How about we make a bet?" Offered Killian, his pistachio-green eyes drilling into mine as a playful smile lingered on his lips. "A bet?" I gulped, intimidated by how close he was sitting next to me. He nodded and raised four fingers, the ones with the letters "Y.O.L.O" tattooed on them, wriggling them in front of me with his ever-so-confident grin. "Four dares, Jones, just you and me." And that's how it all started. *** Rankings: #fiction #featured #queer #gay #depression #bl #youngadult #featured #comedy #bisexual #manxman #teen fiction #boyxboy #bxb #LGBT #romance Cover designed by Holly Thurston


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Hazel and Ember go on vacation with Zoe, Casey, Summer and Jay. With such a mixture of people you never know how this could go.


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When an untimely event causes you and Marshall Mathers to meet in the most unexpected ways, things start spiraling out of control afterwards. After helping him win a rap battle, gangs start to go after the both of you, and the only one Marshall seems to trust is you. A/n: There's not a whole bunch of Eminem x reader stories here on Wattpad so I decided to make one :).


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Y'all know them hate turns into love stories. Yeah, this one of them. But make it ✨LESBIAN✨. This is studxfem guys ! enjoyyy !!🌈


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It's 1998 and Katherine Arden, an internationally known singer, grows close to new up and coming rap artist, Eminem. The story describes their relationship from 1998 to present day.


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"ʏᴏᴜ ᴅᴏɴ'α΄› ʟΙͺᴋᴇ ᴍᴇ, Κ™α΄œα΄› Ιͺ ʟΙͺᴋᴇ α΄›Κœα΄€α΄›"


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What's the worst thing that could happen? [Scarlett Johansson x Fem Reader] AU


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A whole Smut Book one shot A G!P Scarlett x Reader Dom/Sub I highly accept and need a request on this one cause first I truly don't have many plot for this book I don't own any characters here except Y/N and other characters, it's all own by Marvel