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My Pet bakudeku

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I had a description before but I found it havin barely anything to do with the story(my opinion+self judgement) so I'll just tell something about it.

World in where hybrids and humans exist. Most common ones are cats and dogs but others exist. Hybrids weren't allowed in schools before. Izuku and Kat are childhood friends when he finds Kat all alone in a winter day.
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This is a My Hero Academia fanfic, so this is all about Katsuki x Izuku ship. This book contains lots of short stories of my ship. This includes SemexUke (vise versa), fluffs, smuts, bromance, villain deku, tragedy, comedy and so much more. Enjoy reading, minna-sanπŸ˜‰ Cttro for the pic... And characters are all credited for kohei horikoshi✌️


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Y/N was cursed, unable to speak without the risk of hurting others. But he still tries to go on with life, the way he wants to. Too bad danger keeps finding him when he wants no part of it.


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She was the calm to his storm, and he was the wind to her sail. His aura was red, and hers was blue. Together, they were purple. Class 2A's local hothead falls for Class 2C's tranquil gem.


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F! Reader Insert ; No quirk, but she still wanted to be a hero. 100 daily push-ups, sit-ups, and squats, plus 10 km of running for just about 2 years. Without knowing, she was the strongest being to ever exist. All it ever took was just one punch. β€’ This story is a crossover between One Punch Man and My Hero Academia. The original idea goes out to a writer on a different writing platform that has discontinued this story. I decided to pick the idea up and try to continue it for her. All credit goes to her; as for the first few chapters published, I will be taking it from the original just for the sake of the story. Credit to Kana, I hope you're doing well! β€’ Highest Rankings Per Category: #1 onepunchman #1 crossover #1 republish #1 bnha #1 mha #1 onepunchman #1 bokunoheroacademia #1 continued #1 opm #4 myheroacademia #6 anime #75 funny


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What is to happen in their second year of UA, if Izuku would be cheated on. Well a lot actually. Todoroki was stupid enough to cheat, which more than likely cost the class their little cinnamon roll. He won't become a Villian, no he'll become a badass of the class. Especially since his anger towards Todoroki brought forth a dormant quirk. Not just any quirk, but his father's fire breathing quirk. No pictures or videos belong to me, all rights go the original makers.