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Author: Beautiful-lunatic

Category: Paranormal

Update: 20-11-2022

Status: Writing

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This is the book where I put all my paranormal experiences and events that have no proper explanation to them.

Everything in this book is real, but you can choose if you want to believe them.

If you have any questions or you just want to share your own paranormal and odd experiences, feel free to PM me because I love hearing other people's paranormal events!

Cover by @guiltset - check them out!

[editing chapters to make them flow better!]

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List chapter

Some backround infomation on my house.

The Mirror Room and the white shadow figure.

The voice in the mirror room

The hallway

The black shadow, (Part 1) [Creepy!]

The black shadow, (Part 2) [Creepy!]

An unexplainable action I do. [Weird?]

Lets go to Italy! (Part 1)

Lets go to Italy! (Part 2) [Creepy!]

My birthday

The white shadow in the kitchen

The face(?)

The car

The voice while walking to school

The noises and white thing in the backyard

Knowing the time of death of my grandmother [Creepy]

Cosplaying! [Creepy]

Sleep paralysis(?) [Creepy!]

Weird things happening around the house

Staying home alone [creepy]

My room (Light blue room)

Writing this story

Doing the ouiji board (not taken place in my house)

Seeing shadows

My weird breathing [Weird/Creepy]

My dog pacing last night

My room is always cold

I felt something touch me!

I heard talking in the night

A theory! [Creepy]

A shadow went across my room

I saw a bright light in my room

I just saw my door close

I dont know how to explain this..

I saw a swing moving on its own [Creepy/Got a video]

I just remembered I saw a pair of feet behind someone


Dog barking like crazy

Saw a shadow move near my bed

I swear I saw something behind me in my basement.

My ears

Heard movement in my room


Hearing a 'meow' [Happened years ago; Weird]

I saw an item fall off the counter!

Seeing a shadow at a friends house [in 2012]

Graduation trip paranormal experiences [creepy/2013]

Odd(?) sounds in my attic

I saw something outside

Hearing thumping

There is something RIGHT outside my house

I heard footsteps right in my room.

The hallway.. continued [Creepy]

My mom had a paranormal expermience

Finding items out of place/updates

Shadow flying past me

Item moving outside

Cold air

I think there's something here with me.

There's a bed shaking on its own

Can't breathe


I felt something touch my finger

I heard scratching in my closet.

Haunted toilet paper roll?

A light appeared in my room

Footsteps down the hallway [creepy]

Unknown noises.

Bedsheet pulled back


Noises outside and the weird orb [got a picture]

Update to another chapter [Photo/Creepy]

Messing around with snapchat

Car starting on its own

heard someone call my name

Thuds in the room next to mine

Day two

Glass 'exploded'

[2nd update to 'dog barkling like crazy']

More cold air! (And other things..)

Door pushed open.

A lot of uncomfortable feelings

A somewhat cheesy authors note - Just a thanks :)

Update to [Messing around in snapchat]

Not paranormal (I think) but like... weird?


The black shadow, (part three)

Car driving when no one is in the drivers seat

The black shadow, (part four) [Creepy!]

Saw a white figure in my room.

Second update to [Messing around in Snapchat]

Family member saying they felt a presence during dinner

Lights turning off on their own

'Gasping' awake multiple times.

Authors note

Dog barking in corner

Footsteps, creaking and doors closing

Door slamming shut at 3am

Authors note - yet another thanks!

Mom 'gasping' awake

White figure in my room

Front door swinging open

Something falling.

Door opening and closing [creepy]

Hearing walking upstairs

Garage lights on

Something walking and touching me in the middle of the night [Creepy!]

Being poessessed(?)

Patio furniture being moved around

Mother hearing voices

Front foor wide open.

Dog suddenly going crazy

Black shadow flying past me

Pressing buttons during dinner

Seeing a shadow in the dining room + more buttons

Being haunted

Being haunted (2)

Being scratched by something in the middle of the night