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My Mercy Prevails Over My Wrath

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Madie is a 16 year old who lives in a middle class house with her Mom, Tina, Dad, Dusty, Little brother, Travis, her two cats, Zima and Piper, and her two dogs Dexter and Genna. They Just moved into a small rundown~ish house in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Madie didn't know anyone in that town beside her friend Kailey, and she was working most the time.

This is a story for my friend Madie, @FluffyGiraffes345
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Y/n moved into the area. She was a greaser and lived in the area just trying to live a normal life for the most part. But now that the group of the outsiders fell into her world she can't help but to care for pony and Johnny. She ends up having feelings for there friends Dally Winston. He's not much to stay with one girl. Or really care about one. But will he change his ways and fall in love with y/n. Where will this story take the pair.


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[COMPLETE][EDITING] Ace Hernandez, the Mafia King, known as the Devil. Sofia Diaz, known as an angel. The two are arranged to be married, forced by their fathers, joining the two Mafia's. But Sofia eventually learns, even the devil was once an angel. Cover by @alluringathena *This book is more of a romance book than Mafia book and I hope you enjoyyy*


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❝we never had to force love, we were drowning in it the moment we met. ❞


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Being a Curtis is hard. Being the youngest is hard. Being a girl is hard. Having no parents is hard. Being in love is hard. Can Blair handle it all ? *All right go to S.E Hinton, for the characters in this Fan-fiction, and some of the plot. I do not own any of the characters aside from Blairanova and couple added characters.*


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"Why do you want me to turn around so bad?" I asked him "I just want you to look at me" "I'm looking at you Johnny now what?" I said staring directly into his blue eyes. Neither of us said anything we just stared at each other. ~ That might've been the moment I fell in love with him Johnny Lawrence x reader fanfiction Disclaimer: I obviously don't own any of these characters. Except for any characters I create. #1 in johnnylawrence~~11/19/21🤩 #1 in outsiders~~1/10/22🤩 #1 in 80smovies~~2/12/22🤩 #1 in billyzabka ~~7/6/22🤩 #1 in billyzabka~~7/15/22🤩 #1 in bobbybrown~~9/1/22🤩 #1 in thekaratekid~~12/10/22🤩 #1 in thekaratekid~~1/23/23🤩 Feel free to leave any comments, I'll always respond Hope you like it Xoxo vyalove💋


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"Did you know a robot's dick is ten times harder than a normal dick? Let's test that out." #4 in FANFICTION✓ [The fanart is NOT mine. It belongs to the original owner.] Original owner of fanart: @BTS_ON_CANVAS on twitter! © sujinniie 2019-2020 ✓

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Henley agrees to pretend to date millionaire Bennett Calloway for a fee, falling in love as she wonders - how is he involved in her brother's false conviction? ***** Henley Linden's brother is in jail for a crime he didn't commit, and she'll take any job to raise the money needed to free him. Soon, she's agreed to pretend to date millionaire Bennett Calloway for ten thousand dollars, so his mother will ease up the pressure on him to find a wife. But once Henley is enmeshed in Bennett's world, he falls for her, and she starts to have feelings for him as well. Despite her romance with Bennett, as she grows closer to the Calloways, Henley realizes they are somehow involved in her brother's conviction. Journeying deeper into a world of wealth and conspiracies, Henley is forced to rely on Bennett, though doing so could cost her everything. [[word count: 200,000-250,000 words]]