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Read story My La Violeta En Rose

Author: skarrynjght

Category: Fanfiction

Update: 28-03-2022

Status: Full

985 likes / 25256 reads

"You,would you trust me? Would you open your heart up more to me?"

"I shine on you from the inside,I color you internally"

"All eyes on me"

"It's okay if it's a dream,paint it red.I will call you so you can wake up"

"The beautiful flower inside your heart,You're my Violeta"

In which 12 girls always get into trouble and a certain guy came up to help them which likely became their only hope everytime trouble comes around. Not until one of them fell in love with the guy.

"I hate hurting you when I knew that you can always give your heart to me" -Kwon Eunbi

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