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I decided to write a episode story in the track of fantasy. It is a mermaid story.

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Veer (Sharad Malhotra)- Ichthyologists ( studied about fishes simply a specialist of marine world.)

Bani (surbhi chandhana) - The mermaid

Arjit (Arjit Taneja)- brother of veer (one of top ten buisness man in India)

Aakesh (Dheeraj dhoopar)- Mermaid

Tanuja (kratika) - girl friend of Veer..

Rishab (mohit sehgal) - Tanuja's brother
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Veer Singhania, a magazine owner falls madly in love with Bani Sharma, a struggling model.....But Bani's focus is how to become India's Top Model, and for that she can to do anything, even betray her love. On the other side, There's Ridhima....who's Obsessed with Veer and has developed depression post his rejection....Her brother Gauarv who cannot see her in this state, is hell bent in taking a Revenge from Veer and wants him to suffer just like his sister does. When Veer thinks he is done with Love, he meets another woman....Akshara, a girl who's too good to be true! What has Destiny in store for all of them? What's the twisted love story all about?


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This story will about the iconic couple #Vani from #Naagin5. The story revolves around Bani Sharma and Veeranshu Singhania and their journey to marriage and love. There will be NO supernatural content and only a few characters from Naagin 5 will be in the story. Some parts will be slightly mature. Won't be updating regularly. Chapters will be short. Feel free to imagine anyone as the characters, the actors are just a suggestion.


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He is an devil she is an angel . He was obsessed with her . Will she be able to change his obsession into love. Veer Bani.........


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Peep in to know 😁😉😉 Guys I m writing for the first tym... So sorry in advance for the mistakes 😁


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" I hate you but I don't know how it feels that I am attracted to you , My heart wants you "


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So, I want something new and I'm sure you guys also wants.....! So, in this book VAni with show with theri baby honge but but.... not that easy huh like you start thinking and all there a lot of family drama & all but I want to see sorry read, how VAni ran theri baby and also this book cantain 18+, 21+, 25+, 30+ ,. Please read book peep inside and tell me if you guys enjoying are not enjoy ☺


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Veer and Bani are cousins who are together from their childhood. They have a very big family having lot of cousins and relatives. Veer loves Bani from his childhood even his mother wants him to marry Bani. Veer never confessed his feelings to Bani thinking that they are still young to talk about this. Veer is 2 years elder than Bani. Their love story starts from Bani joining her college. Will Bani accept Veer's proposal easily or she will take time? If Bani accepts Veer's proposal who will be the villan of their love story.


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she is pure angle when he saw her first time, his heart beat raising so hard the he took her in his arms n kissed her passionately pls read a beautiful love story of Mehrya, sure you like it 💞


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"WHEN THERE IS A STRONG BOND BETWEEN TWO PEOPLE, THE UNIVERSE ALSO TRIES TO SEARCH A WAY TO BRING THEM TOGETHER NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS." "Pata nahi bhabhi ek ajeeb si shanti mili mujhe usse dekh ke bahot khush mehsoos kiya maine khud ko us ek pal me par woh chali gayi" Sumedh said and Monika Looked at him and smiled. "Pyaar ho gaya hai usse aapko" Monika said and Sumedh smiled Saying "Shayad". "Pata nahi kaun the woh aur bas ek hi baar toh dekha hai maine unhe phir kyu aisi ajeeb si bechaini ho rahi hai kyu dil unhe dhoondhne ko kar raha hai" Mallika's thought as she laid down on her bed with a sigh. A Short Story of a cute couple !