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Monstrous Love || Monster Prom x Reader

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Short imagines/preferences/one-shots based on the world of Monster Prom!
Reader is gender-neutral in all parts.
More information provided in the 'Introduction' chapter!
This is now an abandoned work. Please read the announcement on my profile for more information.
May be you like?


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This is just going to be a whole book of random male reader one-shots. The reader can be either top or bottom, I don't care. The male characters will vary in size and shape. It's a roll of dice each time. This whole book is either smut or fluff. It's either straight to the point or takes detours. Have fun I guess (THIS SHIT IS HELLA OLD. Except for the newer stories :>)


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*discontinued* Just some good ol' totally innocent monster prom one- shots and preferences! Have fun!


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A collection of tumblr request oneshots, headcanons, and scenarios. Reader by default is gender-neutral, but there are nonbinary and male readers. Female readers are a rarity as I am uncomfortable writing them. Romantic and platonic works are available. Feel free to send requests to ozzyemporium on tumblr!


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I can do shit. Like, for real, I can write fanfiction.. I could. I'm trying my rusty fingers and imagination right now, u better fucking enjoy it. ~A.A. Secrets


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REQUESTS ARE CLOSED BIG NOTE: Everything in this story is sorta old now and I'm not really proud of any of it. It's honestly all cringe in my mind, so ig that's a warning to you all. People still seem to like reading this, and that is really the only reason as to why I haven't deleted the story yet. You guys enjoy it, so I'd feel weird getting rid of it. My thoughts about this story aside, I hope you enjoy this weird little time capsule of my old writing. It's a bumpy ride... As the title says, This is a Monster Prom x Reader Oneshots book. I'm not very creative with descriptions so I guess that's it. Important: Artwork and Monster Prom(along with the characters from it) do NOT belong to me. The only thing that does is the storyline(usually; unless requested otherwise). WARNINGS: Violence Swearing Sexual Themes(maybe) Mentions of mental/physical disabilities(usually only if a request specifically asks for it) Enjoy!


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I had to restart this whole story because it glitched badly. it's all the same from the last so dont worry.