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Misty and Skybound (Ninjago)

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(Original Published on Quotev) Trouble seems to follow the ninja everywhere a new evil rises in Ninjago. One that is powerful, will the ninja defeat this villain, or will they "Wish it All Away?" Misty's and Lloyd's relationship is already strained under the publicity of the ninja. What will happen as stakes and tension continue to rise.
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||Ninjago x Reader|| We miss what we've lost, then forget what we have... You have lost your memories, they are now scattered to the very corners of your mind leaving you a phantom of who you once were. However, it will not erase who you choose to become. You set off wandering this world meeting new people. In time as your bonds grow you will change alongside them. Maybe collect old pieces lost to time. Your bonds will have an influence on you as much as you do onto them. Started Writing: September 3rd 2018 Finished: TBD (Story by me) (Female Reader) (Original chapters have been rewritten) (~Slow Burn~) (~Multiple Endings~) (I don't own ninjago) (I don't own images) (Cover I made from images online)


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(Originally Published on Quotev 5/29/2018) Mitsu or Misty is the Master of Crystals, but her element is corrupted and was spilt into two sides, Evil and Good. When her and the other ninja received a letter saying that they're friend and team mate Zane was alive. But they had to be apart of the Tournament of Elements. All of them accept. There Misty will realize truly how unstable her power is. and will The person she's been hiding her feelings for find the truth?


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(Y/N) has been going to Ninjago High for a couple years or so. He thought he knew everything there was to know. That is, until a series of events unfold that he was lucky enough to experience. Lloyd Garmadon, Lord Garmadon's son and general punching bag of the whole school is revealed to be the crime fighting Green Ninja to (Y/N). As (Y/N) begins to develop feelings he's never felt before he has to figure out how to properly convey them. some trigger warnings: Mention of bullying, self harm, alcohol use, homophobia, swearing, abuse, and descriptions of gore. Some sexual suggestions also implied.


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Its been a year since Y/N, Kayla, Lloyd, Kai, Cole, Jay, and Zane saved the world from the Overlord. Ninjago was destroyed, but turned into New Ninjago City, with great technological advancements. But now they live somewhere else, and teach at Sensei Wu's new school. But lately, Cyrus Borg has been acting strange. Like, hes afraid of something. (If you just came, look at the first book if you haven't!)


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Y/N met Lloyd in a alley, not knowing that destiny brought them together. They hanged out, and soon became more than just friends. Lloyd takes her out on a date, but something happens that will change everything.


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Long before time had a name, Ninjago was created by the First Spinjitzu Master using the four golden Elemental weapons, whose powers were far two great for one person to handle all at once. We've all heard this story from the scrolls and the tales from the beginning, but what you have not heard was the story of the one set to protect this world. And the one who is to protect the protector. This is story of a child born of two..... Two who were to never be brought together.. How will this child gain the trust of the ninja? How will they live peacefully with the protector? And how will they keep their secrets?


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A male reader insert of coming into the world of Ninjago. The Master of Wind and one of the protectors of the Golden Weapons. Read to fight alongside the ninja to protect Ninjago from great evil. Fighting crime. Adventures. Romance. *A/N* I'm rewriting the series so check that out. It's "Ninja Go (Rewrite)" Also the cover was done by me and the reader isn't described like that in the story except for the scars (it's how I picture Y/n) I do not own the series, it belongs to its rightful owner(s) I started this story on my other account on Quotev as "turtle turtle" and grew the balls to share it on this account.


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Btw the cover was created by me but the pictures I used to create it are not, Original Published on Quotev (6/8/18) After Morro Possess Lloyd Garmadon, The Ninja and Misty are fighting to rescue him. And the evil side to Misty's powers have grown stronger and continues to grow, as her anger for Morro grows by the passing days of him possessing Lloyd. Not only but she looks a lot like a girl in Morro's past that he loved and is interested in replacing her with Misty.