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McLennon: Catfish

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πŸ‘@lenmon: "can't wait to meet you, luv 😍"
@mcpauline: "u sure ya wanna meet me? 😏" πŸ‘

John Lennon meets a chick in twitter...or is she really a chick?

πŸ’—McLennon πŸ’—

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Paul is a shy lad. And when he starts his first couple of weeks in high school, his only friends are George and Richard (Ringo.) Until he meets an all to familiar bloke. He catches feelings for this Lennon character and doesn't realize he's queer. He doesn't want to ruin their friendship. Should he tell him, or hide his feelings for his new best mate? This will also include smut and fluff uwu Credit to @rogerina_is_god for the pfp :)


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Harry was betrayed by the very people he used to call family. The minute he was killed, he assumed he would finally get to see his mother and father in the afterlife. He didn't know that he would somehow appear in the past, in his fourth year, heartbroken by the people he used to trust and revenge in his heart. -in which, Harry gets thrown back to his fourth year after he is killed and joins forces with the Dark Lord Voldemort to get revenge on Albus Dumbledore. ongoing (started in 2017- present) highest rankings: #16 in tomarry vampire harry #14 in timetravel slash #25 in darkharry new edited cover photo that I created on Aug 24, 2022.


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(High School Era) John and Paul were classmates. John always got into trouble, and Paul didn't. They balanced each other out perfectly, and their friendship was perfect. Until, John found the notebook.


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one shots of the golden Bois. Love them. (Smut)


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Completed: *SMUT* Paul has strong feelings for John, he always has. But when he reveals them, John's reaction is anything but what he wanted to hear.


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*SMUT* John wants more than just a platonic relationship with Paul. He hopes that one day all of his sexual fantasies will be reality. But that all depends on the subject of his desires. Paul.


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"I don't hate you." he said, pausing for a moment to look directly into the eyes of the man who destroyed his life, destroyed his family, destroyed everything. "I fucking loathe you." Anyone who knows Liam Barrett would describe him as a "troubled kid"; always instigating fights and being stubborn in his own self-image. To others it seemed as if the only thing Liam cared about was his own enjoyment - his twisted obsession with amusing his own boredom. But what they didn't know was that it wasn't just his own boredom he was distracting, but also his grief. The cruel abuse from his school peers and the sudden death of his parents at a young age had hardened him for the worst. The feeling of abandonment from the rest of his living family had taken a toll and he was moved into a foster home. From then on, he could only go south, getting involved in activities not acceptable in the eyes of the law, and eventually getting expelled from the one place he had felt accepted. In an impulse decision he decided to go back to the place where he lost everything, the place that made him become nothing, the place where he met the one and only Charlie Bradley. And he was out for revenge. [Contains mature content and topics - also has heavy themes of LGBT and issues revolving around such theme, such as homophobia, etc. and sexually explicit material]


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Classic Rock One Shots ✡ Mostly all of them include smut so if that's not your thing, beware β™₯︎ Including The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Queen, Nirvana, Gun's n' Roses, Queen, Motley Crue and more β˜… Requests are open β™‘οΈŽ NOT MY COVER