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Marrying the Soft-hearted Villain

Author: SerenaLove016

Status: Full

Update: 22-11-2021

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Ruan Qiuqiu had transmigrated into a cannon fodder that had the same name as her in the novel, Sweet Pampering in Ancient Times: Demon King Husband, Please Spare Me

Right now, there were two paths before her:

Option 1: Continue playing the role of the supporting female character. After a few rounds of being face slapped by the female lead, she would die tragically in a beast tide.

Option 2: For the sake of the tribe having enough salt, marry the wolf tribe's former chief, a fierce wolf demon that was blind, disfigured, crippled, and possibly had personality issues.

Ruan Qiuqiu chose the second option without hesitation. She rather go live a peaceful and ambitious-free life than compete with the female lead over some guy.


Due to a mishap, Mr. Big Bad Wolf, who had a curse in him, had become disfigured, crippled, and blind.

He was on the verge of death and his tribe had abandoned him. When he fell to the state of being so hungry that he was gnawing on ice...

The young bride, who his tribe had exchanged for 300 pounds of salt, carefully walked to his side and covered his ugly damaged body with an animal hide.

She softly called him, "Husband?"


Translator Note: I noticed that translator-sama at has already picked this up as well. Please support their much more professional translation.

It's just a fan-translation. I don't read Chinese and English is not my first language. So this is at best only edited MTL. My grammar is horrendous, so if you see anything not-understandable please feel free to point it out.

This is not my story. All rights belong to the original author and publisher.

Original Title: 嫁给病娇恶狼冲喜

List Chapter

Chapter 1: She is About to Marry a Disfigured Wolf

Chapter 2: Everyone Believes That Ruan Qiuqiu Will Soon Return to the Afterlife

Chapter 3: A Bride in a Fur Wedding Dress and a Little Wolf Who Gnawed at Snow

Chapter 4: If She Screams in Fear, He Will Kill Her

Chapter 5: When She Sees His Broken Body

Chapter 6: For the First Time, Mr. Wolf Felt That Blindness Was Bad

Chapter 7: The Dying Mr. Food Reserve and Ruan Qiuqiu Raising a Wolf

Chapter 8: Ruan Qiuqiu is probably dead.

Chapter 9: Mr. Big Bad Wolf Thought He Would Die on a Cold Winter Night

Chapter 10: Maybe He Has Too Much Hair

Chapter 11: Everyone Who Is Close to Him Will Slowly Die

Chapter 12: The First Hot Meal in a Winter Night

Chapter 13: As Long As You Keep It Well, You Will Be Able to Slowly Gain Weight

Chapter 14: How Could She Sleep Beside Him?

Chapter 15: We Slept in the Same Stone Bed Already

Chapter 16: Does She Like a Big Bad Wolf Called Slowpoke?

Chapter 17: Mr. Big Bad Wolf Thinking That He is a Substitute

Chapter 18: He Has Become Uglier, and Worse Than Slowpoke the Gray Wolf

Chapter 19: What Kind of Silly Food Reserve is He?

Chapter 20: Mr. Big Bad Wolf is Almost Turning Into a Frozen Wolf

Chapter 21: The Spoils Brought Back by Mr. Big Bad Wolf

Chapter 22: Mr. Big Bad Wolf Has a Fever

Chapter 23: Husband, You Must Not Die

Chapter 24: The Flaming Wolf Tribe

Chapter 25: Can't It Be Just One Big Bad Wolf?

Chapter 26: He is a Selfish Wolf

Chapter 27: Touched the Wolf's Tail

Chapter 28: There Is Egg Tonight

Chapter 29: Yuan Jue was awake

Chapter 30: Finally full

Chapter 31: Touching Her Palm

Chapter 32: Sleeping Wolf Waiting to be Rescued by a Knight

Chapter 33: Mr. Big Bad Wolf in pants

Chapter 34: Mr. Wolf's Drawing Technique

Chapter 35: The Question About Whether the Old Wolf Eats Tender Grass

Chapter 36: The Big Poor Wolf Appears Suddenly

Chapter 37: Bloody Petals Falling on the Snow

Chapter 38: Transparent Monster

Chapter 39: Mr. Big Bad Wolf's Feelings for Qiuqiu

Chapter 40: Will She Kiss Him if She is Happy?

Chapter 41: Mr. Big Bad Wolf's Careful Plan

Chapter 42: Mr. Bad Wolf Who Put His Clothes Upside Down

Chapter 43: Red-Winged Eagle from Thousands Miles Away

Chapter 44: Touch Back

Chapter 45: Mr Wolf Thinks They are Very Close

Chapter 46: A Vulture Knocking on the Door

Chapter 47: Can't See

Chapter 48: Qing Ruyi

Chapter 49: Ruan Qiuqiu Felt Like She Start to Understand the Wolf

Chapter 50: A Reunion After 23 Years

Chapter 51: Mo Bugui

Chapter 52: The Allure of the Wolf

Chapter 53: A Wolf Stealing at Night

Chapter 54: A Fat Pigeon with Spirit Stone Inside

Chapter 55: Really Turned into a Kind Grandma

Chapter 56: Half Beast Half Devil

Chapter 57: Those Dark Road that We Have Traveled

Chapter 58: Bet On My and Yuan Jue's Future

Chapter 59: Mr. Big Bad Wolf!

Chapter 60: The Wolf's Cries

Chapter 61: Not Me

Chapter 62: Wolf Cub

Chapter 63: They Don't Believe You, But I Believe You.

Chapter 64: She is the Little Human He Imagines

Chapter 65: The Wolf's Only Little Lady

Chapter 66: He Knew that Everything May Not Be Real

Chapter 67: Soft Kisses on the Eyelashes

Chapter 68: Mr. Big Bad Wolf's Gift

Chapter 69: The Wolf's Progress

Chapter 70: The Oath and Mr. Vinegar Wolf

Chapter 71: Mrs. Yuan

Chapter 72: Tears of Mr. Big Bad Wolf

Chapter 73: Can the Wolf Bite His Wife?

Chapter 74: Taking a Bite

Chapter 75: Little Min and She Qin

Chapter 76: Innocent

Chapter 77: The Move

Chapter 78: Accidentally Rubbed His Lips

Chapter 79: The Half-blood Child

Chapter 80: Do You Want to Sleep Separately from Wolf?

Chapter 81: Wolf Never Intended to be Separated from His Wife.

Chapter 82: Is Wolf's Hair Not Nice Enough to Touch?

Chapter 83: Mr Slowpoke Gray Wolf

Chapter 84: He Vinegared Himself

Chapter 85: Sleep With Wife

Chapter 86: Wild Bath

Chapter 87: First Kiss

Chapter 88: The Breakthrough

Chapter 89: Seeing You

Chapter 90: My Husband is the Best Looking

Chapter 91: Mr. Wolf's Cooking

Chapter 92: She Qin's Scales

Chapter 93: I'm Not Afraid of You

Chapter 94: Kiss on a Tiptoe Under the Heavy Snow

Chapter 95: Can Wolf and Human Have Eggs?

Chapter 96: Wolf is Not Good

Chapter 97: Forbidden Mountain

Chapter 98: The Lemon Content is Too High.

Chapter 99: Exciting Move

Chapter 100: Attack the City, and Lose Both Helmet and Armor

Chapter 101: Preparation

Chapter 102: Luminous Pearl

Chapter 103: Save Her!

Chapter 104: The Red Eagle Clan

Chapter 105: Another Breakthrough

Chapter 106: Space Channel

Chapter 107: Mr. Wolf's Clothes

Chapter 108: Hot spring

Chapter 109: Fruit

Chapter 110: She Has Better Choices

Chapter 111: Before the Agreement, Need to Do Something Very Intimate

Chapter 112: Yuan Jue's Sense of Taste

Chapter 113: Humans with a Bone Umbrella

Chapter 114: The Underground People

Chapter 115: There is a Word "Yuan" in His Name

Chapter 116: Crossed Time and Space, and Life and Death, and Meet Again

Chapter 117: The Familiar Door

Chapter 118: Their Past

Chapter 119: Disappearance

Chapter 120: Ruan Hanshan

Chapter 121: Her Demon King (1)

Chapter 122: Her Demon King (2)

Chapter 123: Her Demon King (3)

Chapter 124: Her Demon King (4)

Chapter 125: Her Demon King (End)

Chapter 126: It Only Takes Two Days and Two Nights (1)

Chapter 127: It Only Takes Two Days and Two Nights (2)

Chapter 128: It Only Takes Two Days and Two Nights (3)

Chapter 129: It Only Takes Two Days and Two Nights (4)

Chapter 130: It Only Takes Two Days and Two Nights (5)

Chapter 131: It Only Takes Two Days and Two Nights (6)

Chapter 132: Love Story Versions (1)

Chapter 133: Love Story Versions (2)

Chapter 134: Love Story Versions (3)

Chapter 135: New Home

Chapter 136: Insect Bites

Chapter 137: Life Experience (1)

Chapter 138: Life Experience (2)

Chapter 139: Life Experience (3)

Chapter 140 : Life Experience (4)

Chapter 141 : Life Experience (5)

Chapter 142: Life Experience (6)

Chapter 143: Life Experience (The End)