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Author: The_NewMoon

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Update: 30-07-2020

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Ritsu Kageyama is perfect: ... Perfect grades, an early esper, athletic, has his parents' pride, part of the school council, affiliated with the traveling "psychic", Arataka Reigen, and greatly helps on most of their missions.

Shigeo Kageyama: Average grades, not athletic... at all, a popular target for bullies, and unlike his younger brother, he has no psychic powers...

Shigeo is an average boy who experiences difficulties in school. Threatened by his bullies, he doesn't speak much about it with his brother. He is downed as a "disappointment", because of his brother's status and achievements. It continues to get worse and worse as the bullies continue to play with him more and more and his emotions overwhelm him. Finally, he has had enough... and that is "coincidentally"... the time when he receives his psychic abilities. What will he do with them, now that he has learned of the insecurities and abominations of this merciless world?

*All characters go to the creator of Mob Psycho 100. I only own the dark plot. The cover is currently not mine; all credits go to the creator who is... that name towards the bottom?...
I hope you enjoy the story! :)
I am sorry to do this to the beloved cinnamon roll of Mob Psycho 100...
If you are bullied, please try and get help! Connect to a hotline or tell an adult you know you can trust!

WARNING: -Severe Bullying -Sexual Assualt -Few Suicidal Thoughts
I would not recommend this for younger viewers or the faint of heart.

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