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Lui x Valt : our future (Completed)

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if lui hadn't made that mistake than none of this wouldn't happen. Now I'm stuck here with strange girls claiming to be our daughters. That can't be true right?
May be you like?


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⚠️🔞18+ ONLY🔞⚠️ ⚠️NOT MPREG IT WAS A JOKE⚠️ "Wrong answer." He said leaning towards my ear. He moved his knee up higher until it was touching my member as he started caressing it with his knee through my jeans. "F-fuck. S-stop!" I said. Holy shit why is this turning me on right now. "Don't say things you don't mean Norris, your obviously enjoying this." Rider whispered into my ear again. "I-I'm not!" I said trying to get away from him. "Your little friend says otherwise." He whispered into my ear again. He ran his knee up and down the tent in my pants front to back, he licked the spot behind my ears and I let out a loud moan. "Oh your sensitive behind your ears? Good to know." He said as he continued licking and sucking on the spot behind them. "S-stop I'm n-not gay- Ah!" I moaned. He started slipping his hands up my shirt caressing my abs. "It doesn't matter if your gay or not I can make you feel good. Look at it as something like fuck buddies. No one has to know." He said smirking as he came to a stop at everything he was doing and looked at me straight in the eyes. "N-no one..." I asked quietly. Fuck I sounded pathetic. "No one baby." I slammed my lips onto his and tugged on his hair as he roamed his hands up my shirt. What am I getting myself into. • Evan Norris is a 16-year-old star quarterback, he is known for hooking up with over half of the girls in the school but has a dark past and some mommy and daddy issues. Then everything changes when Evan meets 17 year-old Rider Fox, the bisexual high school bad boy that hooks up with Evan at a party after making a bet with his friends, that he can get Evan to fall in love with him in under two weeks to then break his heart in revenge for breaking his cousins heart. But then things take an unexpected turn when Rider realizes Evan isn't the asshole he thought he was. ⚠️There is a chapter in the book that shows other languages you can read it in. ⚠️ I do not own any pi


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Le Huan a genius pharmacist was transmigrated into Na Juan the emperor worst and most hated concubine plus his with his child who was supposed to be dead Le Huan now as Na Juan will live a life of a forgotten concubine but why is the angry emperor still around if he is still here how can he remain forgotten. Warning ! Terrible grammar


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hey guys!! you said you wanted a second book so here's the second.


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Type - Web Novel Author - 冰块儿 (Little Ice Cube) Genre - Comedy, Drama, Romance, School life, Yaoi Chapter status - 114 chapters + 14 extras (completed) Sequel novel of Short Story Of ShaoWang!! Give all credit to original author and eng translators. Also Cover Credit


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[BEYBLADE BURST x Reader] [ BEING RE-WRITTEN AS OF 5/6/22 ] A Beyblade was given to a young boy named Aoi Valt, as a birthday present. Never in a million years would he have thought that this was going to be a very special Beyblade later on in his life. Even less if he ever thought about it being human and capturing hearts of many... [Book 1]


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"နှလုံးသားတည့်တည့်ကို လာစူးတဲ့ဆူး။ မောင့်ရဲ့ဆူး။ အချစ်ဆိပ်တက်လို့ သေရင်သေသွားပါစေ။ ကျေကျေနပ်နပ်ကြီး အသေခံပါ့မယ် မောင့်ရဲ့ဆူးရယ်..." "ႏွလုံးသားတည့္တည့္ကို လာဆူးတဲ့ဆူး။ ေမာင့္ရဲ႕ဆူး။ အခ်စ္ဆိပ္တက္လို႔ ေသရင္ေသသြားပါေစ။ ေက်ေက်နပ္နပ္ႀကီး အေသခံပါ့မယ္ ေမာင့္ရဲ႕ဆူးရယ္..." Started Date - Oct 23, 2021 End Date. - Nov 22, 2022


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There a lot of shipping between the trio with valt (probably). So maybe I will added all three of them and make the story goes by the trios fight over valt's heart because I only saw red eye or shu x valt, free x valt and lui x valt even there a shu x valt x free too but there no this, I guess? Anyway there will be my ocs and no logic in this (sometimes). Shut up! My story, My creativity! Here is some inspiration from: Shu x valt x Free: Emo_Totally_is_Gay FluffyMomentos EmeraldDerpla_Hoya Shu x valt: yourdefender IronSpideyboi Valt_the_legend Free x valt: Star-Chan5 Appland DonnaOrtega8 Lui x valt: Gamingkitten847 Sasunarufan-1789 Call_me_Aini There are many more but I'm not gonna do it. That all for now.