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Read story Lucy's Revenge....On FairyTail (Discontinued)

Author: Amourix

Category: Fanfiction

Update: 12-01-2021

Status: Full

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Lucy is feeling lonely ever since Lisanna came back. She is happy that everyone want to make up for lost times and, since she doesn't know Lisanna she cant join in. What hurts her the most it that she is being blamed on things she didn't do, and she even gets kick out of the group by her own friends and is forced to quit the guild.
Will Lucy let the darkness take over her?

(I apologised to those who actually enjoy this story. I decided to stop it because this was a story I created on a whim and I was writing as I go meaning it didn't have structure. So I want to post a brand new story where I have properly planned the chapters and more so the whole story in fact.)

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