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Lover or enemy?

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Meliodas and Elizabeth, two lovers from the holy war, but no one knew about their relationship. Meliodas was sealed away with all the demons while as the Supreme deity gave her daughter eternal life as prise for her to live her life without war.

However, 3000 years later, the Supreme deity is dead and the seal brakes. Worrying for Elizabeth, her friends known as the seven deadly sins look after her when she disappears.
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Second book of "Raised by the Devil" 16 years later, Tristan, the son of the heir to the LSD and the LDK, is a part of the goddesses, aka Liones' Supreme Deity's side. He fights alongside his mother to win over the demons, aka Liones' Demon King's side. His goal was to protect his mother and lover, Isolde from the demons as they were both spies for the goddesses. However, when Tristan is kidnapped under a mission, he learns a shocking truth about his father he never met...


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Two family businesses have a long history together. The two owners tried to get together years before, for the businesses to grow, but it didn't work. So now, their children is forced to marry each other when they haven't ever met before. They tried to refuse, but it didn't work because everything that mattered to the parents was one thing, money. The worst part was that it was an illegal marriage between two 16 year olds.


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After being framed for killing the grandmaster. The " Seven Deadly Sins" flee the Kingdom and go their separate ways, hoping to meet up again. Ten years later, a certain Princess searches for the Seven Deadly Sins or possibly Eight Deadly Sins in hope to stop the Holy War. What happens when you finally meet with the boy you fell in love with? Will you be together? Or will a certain group separate you... A Meliodas x Reader.


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Wanting to fulfill a dead freinds wish you became a pirate but had to look for a crew.As a twist of fate the only crew that you managed to gather were all female!Females with the hots for you.


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Long before time had a name, Dragons ruled the world. They had all the power they lusted. It scared people to do things that were never supposed to happen. The other clans overthrew the Dragons, they all went against the mighty spices. They all ended up dead. Every Dragon. Every single one. But so did the soldiers. The only life in the entire land was a girl. A girl, who appeared to be eight. She quickly received the alias as The Last Dragon, being their only child, the only one that survived the War Of The Ancients. What happens when she is reunited with the Sins after her 'death'?


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seven deadly sins x child reader she/her used platonic idk how u guys are enjoying this book half of it is so embarrassing💀💀 the rest isnt as short as the first chapter


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This is a story based off of the Seven Deadly Sins and Ever After High. Neither are owned by me. Meliodas is the son of the demon king, and as such has the same grim fate as he. Regardless of his kind personality that people ignore due to his evil father and his birthright as his son. People avoid him, mistreat him, fear him, nomatter how many times he's tried to fit in. They tell him over and over again his fate to be sealed away as his father was.. but what if he doesn't want to be like his father? He is the only one who refuses to sign in the book that will unlock his powers and seal his fate, however the consequences are quickly making him wonder if it was worth it. Elizabeth is beloved by all, a goddess both literally and metaphorically. She is the one born as pure as her mother, and as such shares the same wonderful story that is intertwined with that of Meliodas the demon. She is destined to seal the evildoer away forever with her holy magic and free the realms of his darkness. This story has already been decided for her, and is one she is prepared to do... but is he? And will her light still be so pure once she finds out that maybe he isn't so tainted? Started on 3/29/2021


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Meliodas and his crew, the sins, is out to seas. They were all travellers that wanted to explore the world, but on the way, a beautiful singing is heard. It was like some kind of spell was cast upon them all as they all went to the edge and jumped overboard. Some of them started swimming while the others started drowning thanks to the crashing waves. Everyone was trying to go towards the singing, even if it meant death. They couldn't see who or what was singing, only water. The blonde snapped back to reality as he came underwater and it went silent. He immediately started swimming up for air when he saw a flying woman in the sky. He has heard of them... women with wings that sings out in the sea... Sirens... And in this rate, they will kill him and everyone else... He has to save them...