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Lovely Villainess

Author: sweetpea_03

Status: Writing

Update: 09-06-2022

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Mia Young, a hard working orphan who finds comfort in her favorite novel "Lovely Heroine." While coming home from a long day of work she gets hit by a truck while pushing another out of the way. But once she wakes up she finds herself in the body of, Alina Eirlys, the villainess of her favorite novel that is fated to die at the hands of the crowned prince while suffering of a horrible disease.
Is the novel all that it seems?
Can she survive?
Will she find love?
Will she become a...lovely villainess?
All the rage, resentment, bitterness, sorrow, and pain were no longer contained as they spilled with my tears. I couldn't help but hate myself more for being alone, I've pushed away anyone who dared to get close.

I could only blame myself.

-Cough, cough.

Red once again spilled from my lips, staining my tear stricken face and the surrounding snow.

Oh, how I wanted to scream, that I too need love. I am lost like a child, only too scared and proud to let anyone close. I wanted to shout my grievances to the world to maybe receive love in return but I knew better than anyone I would receive scorn and ridicule.

The sounds around me blurred from the ringing in my ears. I felt my sight dim. I was so tired but a part of me was not yet ready to embrace death. I felt the cold about to devour me but as it devoured me it turned into warmth.

I wondered who it was embraced me. Death or ...