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Read story Love. Be Afraid

Author: Total_Chaos13

Category: Fanfiction

Update: 12-06-2022

Status: Full

219 likes / 7250 reads

(PJO/TW) | Percy Jackson and Teen Wolf Crossover| On the last day of winter break, two best friends search the woods for a dead body. Resulting in one of them to being bitten by a mysterious creature, and one learning of a past he never remembered. Stiles faces challenges of random new abilities coming over him, and a mysterious mentor who claims to be his lost brother. Facing the Side Effects of the bite Scott suddenly notices changes in his reflexes, strength, and hearing. A few days later on the night of a full moon, he shifts into a werewolf. Throwing the two friends head first in the supernatural war between wolves and hunters along with the assistance of the last demigod, Percy Jackson. Cover made by @Trident_Hero

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