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Lone Werewolf

Author: DomiSotto

Status: Full

Update: 26-05-2022

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Ancient magic and werewolves aren't supposed to be center-stage for a pop-star!

When the music idol plucks Volya out of his orphanage, he is over the moon, star-struck and a little in love... until the very man who makes him dizzy asks him to use his werewolf instincts to break a curse.




As much as Volya wants to help, the price proves too steep. It's learning why the ancient werewolf culture had rejected him and left him alone among the humans. It's living through the violent ancestral memories. It's becoming a wolf.

And it all hurts like the hellfire.

The more werewolf Volya becomes, the more he burns to confront his secretive tribe and fight his way back in against the injustice. He only wants to finally belong... and then his heart throws in a curved ball, forging the first soulmate bond of his life.

Alas, Volya cannot run with the werewolves and keep his human soulmate too.

He has to choose.

First Publish Date: April 3, 2021

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1. The Boy with a Strange Name

Russian Names, Moodboards and Character Art

2. Food for Thought

3. Not Nothing

4. He Who Speaks in Tongues

5. His Mother's Secret

6. Hot Child in the City

7. Lingering Scent

8. Together, Apart

9. Sleepless in Montana

10. And When She Was Good

11. It Was All Lydia's Fault

12. Breakfast at the 'Mad Genius'

13. The Alpha Bloodline

14. Aha Moment

15. The Same River

16. Before He Was Famous

17. The Evils of Technology

18. What Doesn't Kill You

19. Full Monty

20. The Music Teacher

21. The Howl

22. Toxic

23. The Pink Cottage

24. The Story with a Curse

25. Liam's Hope

26. Wood for the Trees

27. Don't Forget Me While I'm Gone

28. The Soulmate

29. The Kiss

30. The Will and the Way

31. Strong Tea

32. The First Vision

33. His Place of Power

34. That Stupid Song

35. The Arrival

36. The Base Camp

37. Not a Shaman

38. The Taste of Success

39. True Wolf

40. The Lineage Theory

41. The Lullaby

42. Magic in His Blood

43. The Mighty Oak

44. Don't Tell Anyone

45. The Raid

46. The Wolf Attacks

47. The Horse Pursuits

48. For Luck

49. Akrum the Sacrificed

50. Led Astray (Sexual Content, Nudity)

51. The Werewolf Awakens

52. The Sweetest Sorrow

53. Good News

54. Bad News (Mentions of Family Violence)

55. Grinding Shards into Dust

56. The Rapture

57. Hangover after Victory

58. Lone Werewolf

59. The Right Words

60. While the Candle Burns

61. The Rabbit in the Room

62. Up in the Air

63. The Citadel of Knowledge

64. The Glyph for Hope

65. Family Reunion

66. The Crones

67. Sight and Memory

68. By the Cairns of the Lost

69. Sibling Rivalry

70. Dealing in Dreams

71. Mother of the Year

72. The Mountain

73. Spears vs. Wings

74. Dangerous Quest

75. Will and Hope of the Wolves

76. On the Scent

77. Integrity

78. Faint Shadow

79. The Visitors

80. Lovers' Quarrell

81. Lover's Promise

82. Centaurs' Tomb

83. Bones of Contention

84. Contrary Hearts


Bonus Chapter: The Alpha