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Loki twin sister - Queen of Jotunheim

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Lunari is Loki's twin siser. Brought up in Jotunheim under her father Laufey, as a warrior, but a princess as well, she had to take the thrown after her father's death. Now she needs to find her brother and what she meets is far from what she expected.

Follow Lunari as she battles trough love, hate, enemies, family and a trip down to Midgard.
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In the game of thrones, you win or you die, right? Well, winning is considerably easier with dragons, so long as you're not a maniac born of incest... Or you're badly written... Litha Baratheon is (hopefully) neither of those things as the eldest child of King Robert and knight of the realm with the same strength her father once held in his youth. Having sworn an oath not to marry until such time as a worthy opponent beats her in a fight. Something that not even her Uncle, Jaime Lannister can accomplish and he's the one who trained her. But what'll happen when she rides north with her family to Winterfell and comes across a bastard bound for the Wall...? Or when she comes into possession of a very large skull...? Well, you're just gonna have to read on and find out...


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25 soulmates? How could that be? ------- Sorry, still fricken suck at this part. ------- Please read notes. WARNING ⚠️⚠️⚠️ ⚠️ nsfw ⚠️ depression ⚠️ anxiety ⚠️ ED ⚠️body dysmorphia ⚠️ drug use ⚠️ suicide thoughts and actions ⚠️ violence ⚠️age gap ⚠️teacher x student relationship ⚠️ others


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"Loki has a sister? Why did nobody tell me this!" This was the first book I ever wrote. I started it in April of 2017 and finished it in March of 2019, so please be gentle on this one. 😆 Word Count - 11,102


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Monster gals for your Exophilia, loving hearts. (WLW edition)


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What if Loki had a twin sister? But she wasn't raised on Asgard, or in Jotinhiem. So where was this little girl raised in the nine realms? Let's try Midgard, Earth, and who gets to say that they raised the God of Mischief's sister? Well it wasn't SHIELD. No this little girl, was found by Howard and Maria Stark.


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[Formally known as Loki's Sister-Book One of the Soror series] "You insolent ch-" His scolding was cut off by my fist. My fist connected with his cheek before I realized what I had done. Loki fumbled back, cradling his face with his hands. He wasn't the only one injured though, my hand ached and I was pretty sure that I broke something in my hand or sprained my wrist. Either way, I now had an angry Asgardian God towering over me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lorien Fury has lived her whole live on one S.H.I.E.L.D base or another. Being the adopted daughter of the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D, does come with a few problems. Let it be busy schedules or an over protective dad, Lorien had never met the Avengers. This was true until she spied in on one of their secret meeting and everything goes down hill from there. Maybe Lorien isn't the only adopted one in her family. [PG-13 for slight language(very little) and violence]


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In Which Harry Potter Characters React To The Movies About The Avengers. What if Harry Potter has 2 sisters one older by 4 years and one twin. What happens when the 3 get separated after what happens on 31st October 1988. What happens if Lilly and James are alive and morning every year for their 2 daughters death (but still always there for Harry), what happens when they are declared dead after 5 years. What happens when they get a mysterious letter come in what happens when they find out that their daughters are still alive and well. What happens when The Avengers come in. What happens when Movies are shown. What happens when jealousy is seen. What happens when the real parents do not approve. My own characters will be there too. OC x OC OC x Clint Barton


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After the alien attack on New York, Fenna is left orphaned. Soon she finds out more about her ancestry then she was ever meant to. With her world turned upside down, will she stay the same, or will she follow in her fathers footsteps?


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If you love me, you don't love me in a way I understand. JASON GRACE HEROES OF OLYMPUS


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What the title says :) -Steve Rogers -Tony Stark -Bruce Banner -Natasha Romanoff -Thor Odinson -Loki Laufeyson -Bucky Barnes -Sam Wilson -Stephen Strange -Wanda Maximoff -Pietro Maximoff -And more