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little miss behzinga // sdmn

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life's hard for a teenage girl as it is, nevermind being a famous youtuber's sister.

that was life for beth payne.

the original behzinga's sister story.

could trigger with the subjects of: family, loss, anxiety, underage drinking and abuse.

all rights reserved x

my story is protected under the copyright claims attributions, no commercial and derivations act.
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"You promised it would always be me." "It's always you, you idiot... I couldn't love anyone else." Highest rankings #1 miniminter #1 sidemen


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i don't know what to say, except i despise this book - i wrote it a long time ago, and now i don't have it in my to finish because i was a terrible writer back then hahah feel free to read it though, you might find something you like about it ©


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She was a nurse trying her best to adapt to the London lifestyle He was a famous YouTuber. When a friends holiday pairs the two in the same place living very different lifestyles, will the pair crumble.... Or find solice in their indifferences? "You don't understand how it is Harry!" "What's wrong with being different?" "Everything"


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‼️‼️I WROTE THIS WHEN I WAS THIRTEEN, I KNOW ITS VERY CRINGE AND I APOLGISE‼️‼️ In whom Harry falls for Ethan's broken sister. But after Beth tragically ends it with her ex, will she ever be able to trust men again. Her underlying issues with her confidence becomes a huge issue causing her to lose constancy with everyone...