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"Little Lady~" || Striker x fem!reader (I tried -^-)

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Y/N, an imp working at I.M.P, gets invited to tag along with her co-workers and boss to the Harvest Moon Festival! While Y/N's having a good time out in Rough n' Tumbleweed Ranch, a certain 'sss'someone takes a liking to her. (OH, AND CREDITS TO THE ARTISTS OF THE DRAWINGS :DD)
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sequel to bbr. please read that first :) ☆☆☆ hayden jones has been through a lot. a lot more than someone her age should. now finished her second year of college, hayden needs a break. lucky for her, her fabulous cousin spencer is celebrating his twenty-first birthday in hayden's home town. but as much as she hates it, drama is never far from hayden's life because her ex is also invited; the stubborn and ridiculously good looking chase everett.


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On Hiatus as working on other projects that better represent me as a writer, this book is honestly very cliche Wattpad so if that's what you like then go ahead lmao. Previously known as 'My Three Roommates' Delilah Hayle is an anxious 18-year-old who is starting college, when a mess-up with the dorm she was supposed to be staying in occurred she was placed in a quaint house off campus with 3 attractive men. The 3 men help Delilah experience things she's never experienced before, offering friendship and even love to her. #1 in Roommate ~ 29/09/21 #1 in BDSM ~ 30/09/21 #1 in Kink ~ 01/10/21 #1 in BDSMRelationship ~ 01/10/21 #2 in Poly ~ 04/10/21 #3 in Education - 04/10/21 #20 in Mature ~ 30/09/21 #38 in Romance ~ 01/10/21 I started writing this in the late July of 2021, however, I didn't upload the first chapter until September 24th, this book has been rapidly rising the ranks and growing in popularity since then, I try to answer comments as much as possible so impress me with something funny. P:S, I've had a few people say this book is similer to a few other books, I have looked at these books and the only similarity's we share is the roommates and poly thing, please don't go spewing shit in my comments about it


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As a member of the Fatui military, it is extremely important to follow the rules of your superiors. Betraying them would be similar to a death sentence. What would Scaramouche do if there were to be a traitor right in front of him? ••• This is a Scaramouche x Fem!Fatui!Reader fanfic Also this will have Electro Delusion!Scaramouche ⚠️All characters in this fanfic are 18 or older and will be seen as such⚠️ ⚠️ ATTENTION: In the chapters "The Trio of Best Friends", "The Northland Bank", and "The Ten Million Mora Bounty" there are brief mentions of Chilumi (Childe confesses to having feelings for Lumine). If that makes you uncomfortable, please don't read! The cover fanart belongs to @Zentouu from Twitter. Thank you for the wonderful art. If you want to listen to music while reading the fanfic, you can go look for the playlists: 🎶 "getting stepped on by Scaramouche" by Kazu on Spotify 🎶 🎶 "Dirty, Little, Traitor [PLAYLIST]" by Kazu on Spotify 🎶 This fanfic's entirety was written by me! I DO NOT OWN GENSHIN IMPACT NOR ITS CHARACTERS Copyright © 2020 miHoYo


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The image cover is draw by me! you know that game? right? then you mostly know what will happen so... open it and read it!


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My hands pull at the cuffs straining my arms above my head as he takes me ruthlessly. His prisoner to take from and eventually kill. All I can do is hold on, helpless as he takes me over the edge. "I'm supposed to kill you but I can't stop fucking you." He groans above me, staring down between my legs as he thrusts. "Cum for me." And without warning, I do just that. -------- Vera Aurae Elias is the killer of men. After crawling her way out of hell, she vows to get revenge on every person that helped get her there. No one knows her true identity and is a story told to warn men from wrongdoings. All they do know is that if she comes to visit you, death is next. Entities around the world want her dead and will do anything to get what they want. The Huntress is something that all men in the Underworld have come to fear in case they might be the next person on her list. Kill the Huntress before she gets you and live to see another day. Vera has survived too much to let that happen. For year's, she has ran away from her past, her fear, her heart. This is until her past catches up to her in the form of someone she used to know. Now she must decide, let one of the most deadly men in the world kill her or kill him first. Orion Alaric Hale is a man you never want to meet. With his short temper and deadly training, you won't get the chance to beg for forgiveness before a bullet is put in your skull. He may look like a God but he won't hesitate to send you straight to hell. His background of terror has left him merciless against his prey and his rise to King has left a trail of bodies behind him. When he is hired to catch the Huntress, he comes face to face with the person he least expects. The one person that plagues his dreams after he left his nightmare behind. A sacrifice Orion made that turned her into a vicious killer. The woman he has spent the last eight years trying to find.


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════•°•All slots for this book are filled. Therefore, requests are CLOSED.•°•════ Since I still got messages for the closed we go again! Another handful of funny, touching, and (most likely) raunchy scenarios for you to fantasize with. What will you get yourself into this time? 😉 Oh, and here's a little bonus! I'll be adding a few of the new characters in this round. It's time for Octavia, Robo Fizz, and Mrs. Mayberry to have a go too. 😆


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One helluva day, A peculiar demon was found by an imp alongside a female hellhound. Working with them, you then received a mission. That is to be a bodyguard by none other than the prince of the Ars Goetia, who seems to take pleasure in your presence. Arriving in what seems to be a carnival, A certain rip-off jester grows to be deeply infatuated by you in not even a second. Soon enough, all of you stumble upon a famous popstar. Who is none other than the ex of your boss, yet takes high interest in you. Then there comes a festival, Where you'll meet a hitman whose eyes grow to be engrossed by you. Lastly, Blitzo turned and asked you on a date from the lust ring. However, you had to decline it. "𝘗𝘧𝘧𝘵, 𝘩𝘢! 𝘈𝘴 𝘪𝘧 𝘐'𝘥 𝘨𝘪𝘷𝘦 𝘶𝘱 𝘛𝘏𝘈𝘛 𝘦𝘢𝘴𝘪𝘭𝘺, 𝘴𝘸𝘦𝘦𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘢𝘳𝘵..." _________________________________________ ⚠️ | NOTE: reader here is gender-neutral so everyone's welcome!! And you're also the same height as Millie and Moxxie, I'd like to imagine everyone's extremely taller than you | ⚠️ _________________________________________ Published: 01~19~22 Finished: --- _________________________________________ Highest rank/s: •#1 in helluvaboss (01-23-22) •#1 in slightviolence (01-25-22) •#1 in helluvabossxreader (01-25-22) •#1 in genderneutral (01-26-22) •#1 in demonsxreader (01-31-22) •#1 in readerxvarious (01-31-22) •#1 in various (02-05-22) •#1 in varioushelluvaboss (02-06-22) •#1 in slowupdates (02-19-22)